What Are The Benefits Of Using MEAN Stack

To begin with, MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular.JS (or Angular), and Node.JS. MEAN stack makes it possible for users to easily seamlessly switch between the server side and the client side. It eliminates the need for a third-party standalone server such as Apache for deploying the app and permits the developers to directly deploy the apps to the server. To further know about it, one can visit MEAN Stack Training Institute in Noida.

Components of MEAN Stack

Given below are the four components of MEAN Stack.

·  MongoDB- It is a NoSQL document-based database which is suitable for most general purposes. It is written in C++ and it stores data in the key-value pair, using binary data type.

· Express.JS- This is a flexible web application framework that supports web applications and mobile applications. It is a mature framework that is useful in building single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.

· Angular.JS- It comes with various powerful tools that facilitates cross-platform application development. It helps in making the development and testing process easier by introducing MVC architecture in the browser-based application.

·  Node.JS- It executes JavaScript outside a web browser environment and allows a user to run JavaScript everywhere. Furthermore, it is lightweight and efficient and is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications.

Benefits of Using MEAN Stack 

MEAN Stack is highly versatile and it allows developers to easily test app on the cloud platform upon completing the development process. MEAN Stack facilitates seamless development, testing and introduction into the cloud processes. It is capable of quickly developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which results in cutting costs along with testing the product in the market. Furthermore, it is a cost effective solution that reduces the cost of building each application. Unlike other frameworks that require proficiency in technologies like PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, MEAN stack only requires developers to be proficient in JavaScript.  Above all, this framework uses a single programming language, thus increasing the working environment for developers. Many institutes provide MEAN Stack Training in Delhi and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using MEAN Stack.

·    Facilitates Effortless Swapping between Client and Server

·    Allows Developers to Create a Simple and Open-Source Solution

·    Comes With Various Open- Source Components

·    It is a Time Saving and Resourceful Tool

·    Ensures Maximum Flexibility and allows Developers to Quickly Add New Aspects