Accelerate the digital transformation with Liferay DXP Portal Solution

Why Digital Transformation with Portal Solution? 


Web Portals are the integration platforms for your organization’s siloed systems. A large organization has numerous and varied software to serve its diverse needs. As an organization, you might have an ERP, CRM, Warehouse Management System and maybe analytics tools as well. What a Portal platform does is, it brings them all together on a single platform to carry out business processes in an uninterrupted manner.  


Portals are multi-purpose platforms that bring different ecosystems together. Liferay DXP is a portal platform that is scalable and flexible in nature.  


A portal platform, with Liferay DXP, is a linchpin of the organization. Here are the reasons.  


  • It is a scalable and flexible platform 

Multiple solutions can be created on a single portal platform. That is, Intranet, Customer Portal, Collaboration Portal etc. can be created on a single platform. This enables consistency in user experience.  


It follows a low-code/no-code approach for software development. This allows business users to make changes in the platform without technical knowledge. By 2025, more than 70% of organizations will run their software development using a low-code/np-code approach. 

  1. It future-proofs your business 

Liferay Experience Cloud with the capability to self-manage as an optional. 

  1. High Personalization and Mobile-first approach 

  1. Numerous out-of-the-box functionalities for easy and quick development 

  1. Strong integration capabilities for unifying disparate systems 


How to digitally transform your business with Liferay DXP? 


Four things to keep in mind while designing your digital transformation roadmap - 

  • Define your business requirements neat  


Define your digital solution strategy solidly considering cloud and data analytics strategies not forgetting mobile-first approach 


Legacy infrastructure 


Keeping up to date with your system with consistent support and upgrades 


We, at ContCentric, are a digital transformation solution implementation company. We have been in the business for almost two decades. Companies like us can help you out with digital transformation solutions. 


What are the business benefits that a portal developed with Liferay DXP offers? 


  • Future-proofing and security with the ability to be deployed on both cloud and on-premise. 


Decreased time-to-market 

  • Consistent experiences throughout the journey while responding to each touchpoint 


Streamlined processes and increased productivity 


Check out our portfolio and reach out to benefit from the solutions provided by our thought leaders, it has already transformed numerous global giants across the globe.