Kodo Detox Foot Patches These foot patches are the best I've found to heal fungus infections on my feet. I've had three surgeries in the last twelve months to repair holes put in my feet by an allergic reaction, and these patches have kept the fungus away without much fuss. They're made of silk and antimicrobial cotton and have a 'kill' button at the end of each patch that you push down onto the infected area to destroy the fungus. They leave your area feeling clean for a few hours after use, which is great because I'm always looking for

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Kodo is the afoot exfoliating product that has been around for several years. I’ve heard many people rave about it and it’s certainly an option for those looking to get rid of fungus on their feet. Foot exfoliation is more than just taking a shower or using a moisturizing foot bath. It involves sitting in a warm water-filled tub for 15-20 minutes, waiting for the body to relax before removing your shoes, and skipping rope while simultaneously spraying inside your feet with a mild chemical (usually isopropyl alcohol) to break down dead skin cells and fungus. After using Kodo for a week, my skin felt softer and had less ample pores

What is Kodo? Kodo is ayurvedic scientific research and ethnobotanical firm. We offer natural organic skincare products that improve the quality of life by providing holistic solutions for removing toxins from the body. There is something deeply soothing about the soothing power of nature and the energy it releases. When you are feeling under the weather or having issues focusing on daily tasks, try our foot patches. They are soothing as well as revitalizing!

Kodo Detox Foot Patches is a natural leather-based foot and ankle patch that contains revitalizing properties known to help with detoxification. These patches are simple to apply - just wash your foot and apply the patch as needed. They provide lasting results and are an excellent addition to any athlete’s kit. These patches not only look great but also heal faster than other

Kodo Detox Foot Patches are a natural alternative to harsh chemicals found in many beauty products. These foot patches reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and help heal damaged, dry, chapped, or torn skin without surgery. The patches are non-toxic and easy to apply — simply rub them on your affected area (the spot where you have broken or removed a nail, for example) until the desired effect is achieved. The results this simple foot patch can provide can last up to six months and can be used by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Bosworth, and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Kodo Detox Foot Patches

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