Bitfinex clone script development & deployment is bound to make an impact on your business

What is the Bitfinex Exchange and does it support multiple order types?


Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency peer-to-peer Trading solution accepting multiple cryptocurrencies 

and fiat currencies. The users of the exchange are allowed to trade cryptocurrencies against cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in the following order types.


Here are a few reasons why avatars are eagerly interested to use the Bitfinex clone:


  • Limit order

  • Market order

  • Stop order

  • Tailoring Stop order

  • Fill or Kill order

  • Once cancel other order (OCO)

  • Post only order

  • Hidden order

Who can deliver the flawless Bitfinex Clone Script?

Coinjoker is the first most leading provider and also proved its consistency in delivering the Bitfinex clone scripts for Customers with their desired requirements.


The scripts rendered offer the below features in default:


  • The highly secure solution with the Hot online core wallet.

  • Scalable coding structure to endure future updates and changes.

  • Customizable Admin Panel with User-friendly UI UX


Advanced features of the Bitfinex clone script:


  • Order book system

  • Mobile applications for Android, iOS

  • Crypto payment gateway

  • KYC/AML integration

  • Lending

  • Staking

  • Market Making

  • Updated Trading charts

  • IEO Integrated Module

  • Margin Trading

  • Third-party API Integration

  • Crypto wallet integration

  • Referral program

What are the business benefits of using the bitfinex clone software?

  • Users can improve their business by using bug-free clone software, that supports all the crypto assets for trading and can also include additional cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and different trading pairs for their business requirements as needed.

  • Whitelabel bitfinex clone software can be used for client requirements.

  • Different avatars can get different crypto payment options for various virtual crypto assets.

  • The bitfinex website clone script is made easy for users’ customization and to insert or delete any functionalities/features of the exchange software.

How secure is using Coinjoker’s bitfinex clone script?

  • Encrypt sensitive Data and Configuration Files

  • File validation with the required format and code type with the Binary encode method to avoid code-based injection.

  • Implement IP/MAC address-based blocking of users performing malicious activities on the platform.

  • Enable CSRF to validate the request

  • OTP enabled withdrawal

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