Hello, my name's Suzanne W. Terhune.

 Hello, my name's Suzanne W. Terhune. Evening. My top-floor apartment in the capital city, with windows facing a bustling avenue. The bustle and noise of the city is gone and all that's left are the unassuming passers-by. It's quiet.

 I take the stairs to my office. I plug in my laptop and then walk over to my desk. A gentle light on the corner casts a subtle shadow on my keyboard. My favorite radio station plays jazz. The air, energized throughout the day, emits the smell of coffee cooked in a copper cup. The way it sounds it is the sound of silence that can be heard.

 The day is finished for most people. Some people are in their own homes, others are at home with their family, while others hang out in noisy bars with friends. Some are smoking, drinking, or doing other things. The day in Hard Rock can turn into an evening of Jazz. The tempo and the energy of the day transform into a slow-motion dance of the evening.

 This is my opportunity to make, live and become me. What are we doing today? We're still waiting for a few orders. Okay. Let's get it all figured out together. It's fascinating. I will have to think about the issue. How should I conclude this?

 Romance? It's not. It's how every evening starts. It's routine and predictable. For some it's a job that pays their bills while for others it's a craft that they master and excel at. Perhaps it's an art that gives pleasure by dripping incense oil onto the altar of vanity?

 In fact, no matter who you are, and no matter the words you write and regardless of the meaning it conveys to you, you influence the thoughts of others. You can affect their feelings. What you write, and what you say will affect the way people feel tomorrow: someone will discuss soccer in the smoking room, while others wiggle and debate over how good or bad this or that politician is. It's all because you thought so.

 It's your responsibility to know what you offer to the table. It doesn't matter what your customer needs to hear. If you're not in the mood to do it, you'll never write in a manner that convinces them to believe you. It's your responsibility! Responsibility? I think it's.


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