NBA 2K21: How to improve the physical attributes of players

When looking at "My Player", you may see trivial "physical" statistics at the beginning and wonder how to improve them. This includes your raw physical abilities: speed, acceleration, strength, verticality and endurance. 2K21 MT will first enable players to acquire basic players. We will explain how to improve speed, acceleration, strength, verticality and endurance in NBA 2K21 My Profession, My Players.

Upgrade "My Player", upgrade attributes and increase the level limit
To upgrade speed, acceleration, strength, verticality, and endurance, you need to use VC to buy attribute points, and you need to collect "my points" to upgrade the upper limit of attributes and get more available upgrades. When you raise the limit and purchase new upgrades, you will naturally increase these five physical characteristics.

Obviously, the easiest way is to buy a VC. Since you can only perform a certain number of upgrades before reaching the upper limit, you will eventually fall into a situation where you cannot get enough VC to fill all the upgrades. If you are honing my career, the best way to get venture capital is to play games and practice.

You can go to Gatorade training to quickly upgrade to these body data. Every week, you can enhance your physical fitness through training exercises in the game. To enter the Gatorade training facility, just go to the neighborhood and look for the Gatorade logo. Entering this building, you can play many different mini games.

These physical attributes can only be improved once every 7 days, and you only have one chance. Based on your performance in these exercises, you can achieve higher levels of improvement throughout the week. The easiest way is to Buy 2K MT at GameMS, which is an online store that allows players to get players with high physical attributes from the very beginning.