How to store wood pellets correctly?<br>

Wood pellets are made from biomass products like sawdust, yard, alfalfa, rice husk, plant straw, waste documents, EFB, leaves, etc. Wood pellet production is to mold and mildew the biomass products right into high-density strong pellets, as well as thaw the lignin to ensure that it bond the biomass materials.

Wood pellets features small size, high density, high purity, high warmth worth, clean, low cost, easy to store as well as transportation. Wood pellets includes 75-85% carbon, 3-6% ash, 1-3% water. Nowadays, wood pellet fuels are extensively utilized in heating ovens, heater, central heating boilers, and power generation.

To make sure constant supply of wood pellets, lots of families and also manufacturing facilities buy or create huge quantity of wood pellets. Exactly how to keep wood pellets? How long is the storage time of wood pellets?

Wood pellets storage time

Typically, wood pellets are crammed in plastic bags, paper bags, as well as woven bags. They can not separate the wood pellets entirely from the air. The moisture in the air will humidify the wood pellets and also make them loose. Consequently, the storage space time of wood pellets is figured out by the moisture of the environment.

The storage space time of wood pellets can be split right into 2 phases. Ifwood pellet makerof the setting is more than 10%, the storage time is less than 3 month. If the humidity is lower than 10%, the storage space time is higher than 6 months.

Incorrect storage may trigger wood pellet damp as well as crack, lower their quality and also burning result, so regarding induce economic losses. Sowood pellet press machinerequire to discover properly to keep wood pellets.

Exactly how to save wood pellets appropriately?

As the wood pellets are simple to obtain wet as well as loosened in damp setting, we 'd better load wood pellets in damp-proof bags. If the bags are not damp evidence, you have to store them in completely dry areas.

Keep the storage room dry (moisture content less than 10%) and ventilated. Place the wood pellet bags on panels or cardboards to stop their direct contact with the ground.

In high moisture location, you require to mount air flow as well as dehumidifying equipment in the stockroom.

Wood pellets are very easy to burn. Maintain the wood pellets away from fire, like ranges. Check the prospective safety and security hazard frequently. Stop children playing with fire near the wood pellets.

Do not place wood pellets in the open air, or you need to move them to inside your home in rainy days. Besides, the bundle bags might be harmed by weathering outdoors.

If you have to position the wood pellets outdoors. You have to put them in dry places and also build a shed or shelter. Inspect the package bags and also mend all splits and openings. Cover the wood pellet bags with water-proof towel, as well as secure it safely.

Lower the wood pellet storage

As the wood pellets are easy to be harmed by dampness, fire and various other ecological elements, I advise you not to store excessive wood pellets more than you need. It is enough to keep wood pellets for 1 month use.

What's more, you can make wood pellets by yourself with a tiny pellet device. Tiny pellet device has affordable and also tiny dimension, easy to use and also preserve. If you use wood pellets often, it is much more cost-effective to buy a pellet device.