How to create an Instagram location?

Before discussing how to create an Instagram location, you should understand what geotagging is and what its potential benefits are.

What is a location tag?

Just like hashtags, Instagram location tags make posts and stories searchable. Using location tags can be a viable option for brands, requires less effort, and helps increase business around the globe.  The location tags are accurate longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of physical location, which you can easily post and your story. This entire process works by identification of areas via GPS on your mobile device. When a location tag is added to a post, it plays the role of the content library. In simpler terms, it makes people aware of your business and lets them approach you physically as well as virtually.


Perks of adding location tag on Instagram:

Now that we know what location tag is and how it works, let's find out how an individual or a business can make the most out of it. Following are some of the benefits, which geotagging offers.

  • Geotags play an effective role in building brand awareness. You can post stories with a location tag, once you do it, the algorithm will automatically increase your visibility among your target audience.

  • Along with increasing brand awareness, geotagging also plays a vital role in increasing engagement on your post. Any comment which acknowledges your user's tagged post will eventually add a personal touch to their experience which will eventually lead to higher engagements

  • Customers, in general, tend to rely on social proof when it comes to making purchase decisions. With geotagging in place, your previous customers may have uploaded their pictures and tagged your business along with it, this way your potential customers may be able to see previous photos, reviews and make their minds accordingly. 

  • Geotagging, if done effectively creates considerable exposure for your business and puts your business on the map.


Let's put it this way. Suppose you are an artist and you own a small painting business online. You post an image of one of your iconic paintings and tag your followers. .Now, when one of your Instagram followers shares a post, each of your viewers will know exactly where to find you. Also, if someone clicks on the mentioned location, they will automatically be redirected to the search result page, which includes all of the content, tagged with your location. 


How to create an Instagram location?

Before diving deep into the process, let us discuss these steps briefly:

  • Sign in to the Facebook app.

  • Enable location 

  • Click on the "Check-in '' option, which is present in the post status box.

  • Type the name of your business and then add your location on Instagram.

  • Select a location

  • Add additional details( if need be ) and then click on create button

  • Claim your location


1: Sign in to Facebook.

One might wonder why Facebook is relevant in this entire scenario. This is because Facebook acquired Instagram some years back and the two apps have been working in harmony ever since. Instagram does not allow its users to generate a new location from its page, and you have to link your Instagram business page with your Facebook business page.


2: Activate location service:

Once you have signed into Facebook, you must enable your location services using your mobile's GPS.

For this purpose, you may follow the following steps.

Click on the three-lined dash icon, which is present on the bottom right of your screen.

From here on, scroll down and then click on Settings Privacy.

  • A pop-up will appear, scroll down, and click on the privacy section. From here on click on the location.

  • Afterward, click on-location services. This will lead you towards Facebook app settings.

  • Click on the location and select Facebook permission access.


3: Click on 'Check In' from the post status box:

For this purpose, click on the "status box" located at the top of your screen. From here on, simply scroll down and click on "Check-in"


4: Add your location:

Once you click on the check-in, ignore the auto-generated suggestions and type your business name in the search bar. There is a possibility that your name might have already been occupied, in such a situation, you will have to get creative. This way you can avert the situation gracefully.


5: Select appropriate category:

Once you are on the category page, select the appropriate category from the list provided.

6: Create a custom location:

This works best because, because if you are physically present at the place of your location you can simply pinpoint your location.


7: Add additional details( if any)


8: Claim your location:

Once you have created a location, you may need to claim it. You can claim it by searching your location on Facebook search bar, once you see your location, click on it. A popup will appear which would ask you to claim your business. Just simply tap on it, and the location will be yours.


9: How to add location tag on Instagram:

Once you are done uploading and editing the post, follow the following steps.


  • Click on add location

  • Select an accurate location.

  • Click on the share button.

  • Once you tap the share button, then simply click on create, and then you are good to go.