How to plan a camping trip that includes 3-4 kids and how to make sure everyone is happy

Hi, I am a mother of 3-4 children. Why would I choose to put an indeterminate dash between three and four children? We have four of us with two older boys. We only see one of the boys. The trip this time will include two of the younger girls and one of the older boys and no one older than 12 years. Yes, I'm a cool mom so my 14-year-old son will stay at home. Although he won't invite friends or make bad choices it was the only option.

Camping excursions are a popular family activity. Every gathering has something to talk about, and since our children are the centre of our boring lives and everyone has to be able to connect to the aspects which aren't as boring. Camping trips are an excellent way to break the ice and spark conversations. Since we go camping every month, we have plenty to mp4 We don't lie about any of this stuff, it was all true.

However, there's also the time to get there and going back home that are included in the trip. There will be times of downtime in heavy rains or severe weather, when everyone is able to sit together in the tent and listen to music or watch television. We are always playing however there are also times when that we want to unwind after hiking up the mountains or exploring nearby caves. This, along with the fact that we drive a lot, led us to find the perfect method to teach our children and letting them look at their screens. In fairness we've divided it into two tablets in recent times. One tablet is for kids, and the other for teens. It is just that they require both at all times, so keeping 2 tablets just is more sensible..

One gadget is designed to be used by children. You can watch educational videos on the device that get your kids to churning your brain a little. You will also find videos featuring baby sharks, famous children's media stars as well as unboxing toys. Youtube was the primary source of most of the content. Our first time using wifi was in the woods. However no of our hotspot toolskits were able to help. It's because our phones aren't in reach of the network , and are not connected to the Internet and there's no hotspot. This is fine. We love the weather, and we have learned how to deal with the absence of Internet. Before we head to the campsite we will prepare the video material. The kids have the option of choosing three well-known YouTube video download websites including Y2mate. Flvto. or 2Conv. Each has its pros and minuses, pros and con's however, I discovered that if one is unable to download a Youtube video, the other 2 are able to step in. However, Y2mate generally takes care of everything. Flvto (or 2Conv) can assist you in downloading the videos.

You can search for YouTube videos using Y2mate. Simply type in what your children are saying in the lyrics of their songs over the past week. It will then pop up. From there you can download the file as an mp4 to your desktop or transfer it directly to the tablet. You can copy the URL address to a Youtube playlist to show Y2mate. It will allow you to select from a number of videos and download them one by one. Y2mate can convert Youtube videos to mp3 as well. For children, we can download a lot of videos, while for teens, we just need to download a couple of music videos. They love them, so there's no need to be concerned.

Our laptop also contains plenty of TV shows and movies. Because it has larger storage capacity, we have installed HULU as well as Netflix apps and downloaded shows and movies for offline viewing. It's very simple and straightforward to perform. All you need to do is click one button and then wait for the show or movie to appear in your library. Just click and play, any time and anywhere you'd like regardless of your connectivity to wifi. There's no need for data transfer or buffering It'll be all instant streaming directly from your computer or desktop. This one is the one we hide from the world, only to reveal it when it rains too hard. We like to show our children instructional or DIY videos, but television and movies are very useful for calming down an active family that's been in the tent for 36 hours.

We hope that our tips and tricks will help you plan your next camping adventure. With the recent pandemic and all, it's good to get away, helps you get back to basics, re-learn to live off the land, in a way... Of course we pack food and don't forage, but we do not miss a meadow filled with edible fruits, and no, we take them in!