Tips to take care of the battery of your electric scooter in winter

The battery of an electric scooter can suffer and be damaged when the outside temperature is too cold. During winter, and due to low temperatures, the battery life tends to be less than at other times of the year.

It is good that you know how electric Scooter UK helps you better understand what are the causes that can cause the dreaded breakdowns of all its elements, such as the battery.

The ideal situation for this very important component of your small personal mobility vehicle is that the ambient temperature is between 10ºC and 20ºC. But we already know that it is not possible, so let's see how you can take care of the battery during the winter months, and with freezing temperatures on the street.

Good practices to take care of it in the cold months

To take care of the battery of your electric scooter during the winter, and prevent its useful life from being reduced, follow these simple tips:

To charge it, always use the original charger . If for any reason it is damaged, replace it with a new one supplied by the same manufacturer. Cheap generic chargers can deteriorate the state of your battery.

Never charge your scooter's battery in very cold places , or just when you get home. Wait at least half an hour, and charge the battery in a place with a minimum temperature of 10ºC.

Here are a series of very useful tips that will teach you how to load a scooter .

Store the scooter in a place that is at room temperature . Do not leave it on the balcony or in a place where it will be exposed to the cold of the weather.

Don't wait for the battery to discharge completely. Ideally, put it to charge when it is over 30 - 50% capacity.

If possible, avoid driving in the rain ;

The electric scooter battery can get wet, and this does cause serious damage.

In some cases, it is better to use the electric scooter without a battery, that is, with the engine off and move as if it were a conventional scooter . This way the battery suffers less. 

For example, try this idea first thing in the morning, when temperatures are still too cold, especially if it has frozen or there is a significant rime in the environment.

Some manufacturers recommend not completing the charge to 100% . This is because when we charge the battery to the maximum, internal charging cycles occur that reduce the useful life of the battery.

Consult the manufacturer's instruction manual to find out what is the appropriate charge percentage for your scooter's battery.

What is the best time to charge the battery?

You already know that the ideal is to charge the scooter's battery when the capacity is between 50% and 30%. With this you will be able to increase the number of charge cycles before its useful life ends and you must replace it.

It is best to charge the battery after using the scooter , but not immediately. You know, wait a half hour before plugging within the charger.

And a really important detail that you just shouldn't forget is to charge the battery while the scooter is off . If you are doing it with the little vehicle running, you may be reducing its useful life significantly.

How to tell if the battery is failing

The battery of your scooter incorporates a limited useful life that's conditioned to a particular number of charge cycles .

It can even be stricken by the way you drive, the upkeep you are doing on your electric scooter, exposure to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), and also the conditions within which you charge.

When it starts to fail you'll notice that the battery lasts for fewer hours , discharging sooner than usual.

Another unequivocal sign is when the electrical scooter doesn't charge the battery within the time recommended by the manufacturer; You notice that it takes for much longer than usual, or quite the alternative, it charges so fast that it's striking.

For an accurate diagnosis which will tell you if the fault that your scooter presents is thanks to the battery, or another cause, it's best that you just move to a specialized technical service in order that they will make a whole evaluation of your scooter.

A professional can accurately identify the matter, providing you with recommendations to resolve any problem you will have together with your scooter. If it's faults, it's very likely that you just will must change the battery of the electrical scooter.

In many cases, replacing the battery solves many faults

Best Kids Scooter for Sale for winter In general, you'll be able to use almost any model of electrical scooter in winter. However, some are more recommended because the battery has thermal insulation that protects it from extreme temperatures .

The lights also play a vital role, both so you've got good visibility, and also so other drivers can see you.

Another aspect that you just must take under consideration is that the sort of tires that your scooter has; the best is to be wide for extra grip . Thus, you avoid slipping on wet pavement.

Using the electrical scooter within the rain isn't recommended, but sometimes there's no choice but to try to to it. Having the proper tires will facilitate your avoid accidents. Remember to drive with caution and not run an excessive amount of when it rains , it's the most effective thanks to make sure of your safety.

Of the models of electrical scooters available, the one that we present below we liked plenty.

This electric scooter includes a 350W motor powered by a long-lasting battery that maintains its range of 25 kilometers even in weather, and is capable of developing a maximum speed of 25 km / h.

It has a regenerative battery. The battery charging time is 6 to eight hours and supports a maximum weight of up to 120 kilos.

Thanks to its double suspension it absorbs better the irregularities of the terrain. With its solid wheels you'll be able to chuck punctures.

It has a screen built into the handlebar from which to regulate various parameters. Similarly, you'll download the App to regulate a number of the Hiboy options.

Without a doubt, an honest choice to circulate round the city in winter.

We invite you to require a glance at our Guide to adult scooters ; In it you'll find more recommendations for electric scooters with wide wheels that will be suitable for winter.

Do you use your electric scooter also in winter? does one have any special tips to require care of the battery and extend its useful life? Tell us in comments, we are going to like to read you.

It has a screen built into the handlebar from which to control various parameters. Similarly, you can download the App to control some of the Hiboy options.

Without a doubt, a good option to circulate around the city in winter.

We invite you to take a look at our Guide to adult scooters ; In it you will find more recommendations for electric scooters with wide wheels that may be suitable for winter. 

Do you use your electric scooter also in winter? Do you have any special tips to take care of the battery and extend its useful life? Tell us in comments, we will love to read you.