Best App for Ordering Food Online in Train

Are you looking for the best app to order food on trains in India? If so, you're at the right place. RailRestro offers a wide variety of food options, all of which you can order on-train before your journey. From the convenience of ordering food on the train to getting it delivered to your seat, RailRestro is the best app for online food ordering on the train.


You can also book food delivery online, through the app, or by calling its toll-free number 8102202203.

Best Train Food Apps In India- RailRestro

RailRestro app allows you to order food from the train and has several benefits you won't find on any other food ordering app.

This app offers an extensive selection of dishes from all over India and is easy to use.

You can also book a delicious meal ahead of time. Then have it brought to your berth. With many great features, RailRestro is the perfect app for online food order in train in India! If you're looking for the best food app to order from on your train journey in India, RailRestro is a great option.

Steps to Order Food Online in Train with a PNR Number

Are you travelling on the train and looking for delicious, inexpensive cuisines? Then book delicious food online with your PNR number!

Various food apps allow you to do just that- from ordering food delivery to selecting your preferred meal option. Among the most popular ones is the RailRestro app. It has an extensive menu with all Indian railway snacks and meals at discounted prices. You need to:

  1. Install the food on train app

  2. Enter your PNR code.

  3. Select the food and delivery station.

  4. Do the payment.

  5. Get a delivery.

Things To Know While Ordering Food In Train

Travelling by train can be an enjoyable experience - if you order food, that is! Before placing an online train food order, remember these few things.

  1. First, ensure that the food you're ordering is healthy and delicious. It will ensure that the food is suitable for your needs.

  2. Several websites and apps are available in India specifically designed for ordering food while on a train journey. Make sure to read the reviews and compare prices before placing an order, as there might be good deals to be had!

Order Veg or Jain Food on Trains

If you are a hard-core vegetarian or Jain, no worries. With RailRestro, you can find several food options to choose from and order veg food on train at pocket-friendly prices.

The RailRestro app is very user-friendly. You can search for restaurants based on your location or cuisine preference and securely place your food order online. RailRestro's online store offers a wide variety of food items from all over India, making it the perfect option for those looking for something delicious and unique. Additionally, with its app, you can order delivery food right to your seat or even order ahead for later consumption. So whether you're travelling long-distance or just want some snacks on the go, RailRestro is definitely the go-to site!


Is It a Secure Option to order food on train?

  1. There is no doubt that online ordering has gained popularity in recent years. This is especially true during the peak season of Corona - when Indians go out to celebrate, and food delivery services are in high demand.

  2. Although ordering food online during Corona may seem convenient, it's important to know the possible risks involved.

  3. Ensure you read the reviews before ordering, as this can help you make an informed decision about your meal.

  4. And always order from restaurants with a good reputation for quality and safety benchmarks!

  5. However, there have been cases reported of people getting food poisoning after eating food from food stalls. So trusted online platforms like Railrestro take all safety precautions to deliver the best foods to their valuable passengers.

What Safety Protocols are Restaurants Taking in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Looking to enjoy food while travelling by train in India? Look no further than RailRestro - your one-stop shop for all your railway foodie needs.

  1. From ensuring food hygiene is perfect to delivering right to berth, we have ensured every order goes through a secure server.

  2. Furthermore, we follow stringent safety measures to ensure the quality and safety of all the food served at our restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic.


How can I Plan the Best Meal for My Train Ride?

Looking for a way to enhance the experience of taking the train? Then you should definitely download RailRestro, the best app available to order food on train journeys in India.

Food delivery has never been so simple, thanks to this app! Simply book your meal and relax - all you need is to provide the train number, the station name where you want your food delivered, and the time of delivery.

You can order refreshing beverages and spicy fast foods on board too! Savour finger-licking meals from some of the best restaurants in India while travelling by train.


How to Pay for Online Train Food Orders?

When it comes to food, Indians are big fans of ordering delivery online. And with good reason, several great food delivery apps are available in India that make the process easy and convenient.

Before making your order, read the app's terms and conditions carefully to know what you're getting yourself into. Then decide which payment option best suits your needs - a debit, credit card, or COD. Most of these apps have delivery time frames which you'll need to factor in when placing an order; otherwise, your food might go cold by the time it arrives! RailRestro provides the fastest food delivery service on train. Download its app now!