CCNA Devnet Training, DEVASC Training

The associate-level certification in the DevNet Track is termed DEVASC (Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms), with exam number 200-901. Cisco introduced CCNA DevNet certification to test aspiring candidates’ knowledge and skills in software development design alongside their understanding of using APIs, Cisco platforms, Application development, security, and automation.

Although Cisco DevNet certification was introduced for those who wish to have developer job roles in an organization, Network Engineers can also benefit from this certification training. By this certification training they can learn to practice programmability, software, and automation and expanding their skill base.

But the skill set required to proceed with the DEVASC training is “hands-on experience with a programming language (specifically Python)”. Not all Network Engineers may have programming skills that might prevent them from taking DEVASC training and certification exams.

So, PyNet Labs came up with a customized training program named “Python for Cisco Network Engineers (Network Automation) + DEVASC” that helps Network Engineers grasp Python skills from scratch. Moreover, Developers can join this training to become familiar with Network and Networking devices.

Throughout your Python for Network Engineers + CCNA DevNet training with PyNet Labs, you will have hands-on lab-based learning on the basics of Network Automation using Python programming before starting with the DEVASC training outline. Doing so will help the candidates gain skills to manage and automate Cisco network devices using programming. Before diving deep into the DEVASC certification training, you will be able to write, edit, modify and expand complex Python scripts to utilize APIs and data models.

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