Black Series Death Watch Mandalorian Helmet Review

For the past 2 years, people can’t get enough of Mandalorian stuff. We’ve been getting tons of merchandise, most of it related to either Boba Fett or The Mandalorian.

Last November Hasbro released something related to a group of Mandalorians that have been present in Star Wars since the clone wars animated show and are loved by thousands of fans: The Black Series Death watch Mandalorian Helmet.

Who are the Death Watch? The Death Watch is a splinter Mandalorian group that was exiled to the moon of Concordia after being defeated in the Mandalorian Civil War. They were thought to be dead, but some of them survived and nothing will stop them from attempting to claim Mandalore’s throne and bring back their old warrior ways.

After weeks of looking for it, I was finally able to grab one and I’d like to share my thoughts, impressions, and overall experience with all of you.

First impressions and unboxing experience

The box is amazing. You can get a good glimpse of what the actual helmet looks like and the Mandalorian picture from the clone wars era is the cherry on top. A pleasant surprise was that it isn’t a large box. It is only 28.5cm (11.2 in) height x 30.5cm (12 in) width so most people can carry it with just one arm.

When you open it, you’ll see it’s well protected with cardboard on both sides as well as the top. Keep in mind that this is only standard protection. If you drop it from a considerable height, it might damage or even break.

After you remove the cardboard, the helmet is ready to be taken out. Under it, you’ll find the rangefinder (the “antenna”).

The instructions are probably the worst I’ve ever seen in a long time. The diagrams lack clarity and if it’s your first time getting a Black Series Helmet (like myself) you might be confused about how to assemble some of the small and fragile pieces. I’d recommend watching a couple of videos if you’re afraid of breaking something by using too much force.

Aesthetics of the Helmet

I love what they’ve done with the paint. The dark blue looks stunning and it’s how I imagined a Death Watch helmet would look like IRL. If you’re into cosplay, this is an excellent choice for a budget-friendly costume. Especially if you don’t want to do a repaint job.

The rangefinder is slightly weathered as well as the area around the visor. This gives it a battle-worn feeling without being something over the top. It’s a matter of personal preference, it doesn’t look “too clean” and I like that.

One small detail is that because they used Boba Fett’s helmet mold, you can feel the weathered texture under the paint. I don’t mind it but some people might.

The interior, while simple-looking, still reminds you of a Star Wars helmet. I’m glad Hasbro didn’t take the easiest path and added some nice details.

Materials and features

As you may have thought, it’s entirely made of plastic. However, it doesn’t feel super cheap for the price. You need to be cautious when removing the rangefinder, it would have been nice of Hasbro to make it a little sturdier.

The visor has decent quality, you can see without any problems when wearing it. Be careful when handling the helmet or giving it to other people, as it can be easily scratched. I learned this the hard way.

You need one AAA battery to power the rangefinder. When you activate it, two red LEDs start blinking and a white light will make it easier to shoot down your enemies.

What is the Price of the Helmet and is it worth it

The usual price goes from 95-120 USD. Of course, this may change depending on your country or the website you buy it from. I was pretty lucky and found it brand new for just 75 USD. Considering everything so far; even if you get it for 90-100 USD, it’s a really good deal.

I already talked about some important points, but at the end of the day, most people get this helmet because they want to wear it, cosplay with friends, and meet fellow Mandalorians at conventions. Let’s expand a little more in terms of how practical it is to use.

Is the Death Watch Mandalorian Helmet comfortable to wear?

Well, yes and no. Let me explain myself. The helmet has a head strap that you’re able to adjust depending on the size of your head. My head’s circumference is 58cm (22.8 in), and it wasn’t comfortable for me.

I needed to remove the head strap to be comfortable wearing it for extended periods. If you’re in the same position, don’t worry about it. It’s pretty easy to do and, it makes a huge difference. You can also add foam, soft pads, or whatever you want to make it as comfy as possible.

It can get pretty hot in there. Be aware of this if you’re taking it to a place crowded with people, especially in indoor events.

After 30-40 minutes of wearing it, my neck started to feel a little tired. It’s not as light as I would like. Keep this in mind. Let your back and neck rest every once in a while.

“Well, I do want to cosplay but, I’d like to change its appearance a little bit.”

You can mod it in any way your imagination and skill let you, the sky is the limit. If a complete repaint is what you want, the Boba Fett (Prototype Armor) helmet might be a better option, though it is pretty hard to find and more expensive. If something close to grey, blue or black is what you’re aiming for, this one is perfect for it.

Should you buy the Death Watch Mandalorian Helmet

Its quality-price relationship is REALLY good. Good materials, it’s super fun to use, the paint job is amazing and it’s very affordable. If you want to begin collecting helmets but don’t want to spend a ton of money on your first helmet, this is an excellent option to start your collection.

It’s not perfect, the instructions are awful, the rangefinder feels delicate and some people might need to make minor adjustments before feeling comfortable wearing it.

That being said, none of those issues is a deal-breaker and I totally recommend buying this helmet if you have the opportunity.

Even if you don’t want to wear a Mandalorian costume, it’s a beautiful piece to display with the rest of your collection. Everyone that enters the room will instantly look at it and compliment it.

I hope this review gives you the information needed and clarifies any doubts. There are thousands of Star Wars products out there and making an informed choice before spending your hard-earned money is very important.