The Advantages and Disadvantages of Drugs Essay

An argument can be written concerning the advantages and disadvantages of drugs essay topics. These can be written by anyone who has an inclination to write on this particular topic. Drugs are considered as one of the topmost dangerous and addictive drugs that mankind has created. Many people try to avoid getting addicted to drugs. There are a lot of reasons why people try to stay away from drugs. Some of these reasons are their personal beliefs, social responsibility and some of them are for their own well being.

The advantages and disadvantages of drugs essay topics should not be underestimated. It actually poses a very large danger to the society at large. When an individual is addicted to drugs, he can never think straight. This is because of the lack of proper medication coupled with the stress that the individual undergoes when he starts to take a certain drug.

Drug abusers feel weak, helpless, confused and depressed. Their life span is reduced and they have very low self-esteem.Going On this pagebehind this is that when they take drugs, their body produces dopamine which give them a high feeling. When they come back to normal state, they feel low again and so the cycle continues. Once a person becomes dependent on them, his mental and physical health starts deteriorating rapidly.

When the person gets hooked to a particular drug, his brain starts craving for it. The moment that the person stops taking a certain drug, he craves for it more and craves even more. This is the biggest advantage and disadvantages of drugs essay topics.

On the other hand, the greatest disadvantage of the mentioned advantages and disadvantages of drugs essay is that they do not address the causes that lead to the dependency. This means that the person cannot find out how he became addicted in the first place. He does not know whether it was a genetic predisposition or was it the result of his environment. So the best way is to trace the cause.

It may be tempting for the writer to blame the drug user for his addictive behavior. However, it is not the user's fault. The drugs addict needs to understand that there is a real problem. He needs to admit that he has a problem. Then he can start an accountability program. The accountability program will help the person understand the damages that his addiction has caused his family and friends.

The person who is addicted to drugs should also realize that his addiction has negatively affected his work, relationships, health, social life and the way he looks at himself. One of the main reasons why a person becomes so dependent on drugs is because he thinks that he is better off being drug free than admitting that he is weak and wants to recover from his addiction. The person's belief about his capabilities and his worth as a human being is also being compromised.

Another one of the advantages and disadvantages of drugs essay is that once a person gets addicted to drugs, it becomes impossible for him to live a normal life without resorting to drugs. He will always depend on drugs. In addition, if the person gets clean, he will not have any more problems with the drugs. He will have solved his problem and will start enjoying a good life. This can help him to get rid of the fear that has kept him away from seeking help.

The advantages and disadvantages of drugs essay focuses on the physical and psychological effects that drug addiction can cause to a person. These can range from minor to severe. It all depends on how a person takes the drugs. He may take them for a short while but after taking them for a long time, the chances of him getting sick or having an accident are high. Also, some of the drugs, like alcohol and caffeine, make him sleep more.

One of the disadvantages and advantages of drugs essay is that when a person seeks treatment for his drug problem, his chances of being successful are very slim. He may be able to overcome his drug problem for a few months or years but that is about it. The success of any drug treatment depends on the amount of time that a person is willing to spend on it.

In addition to this, there are some downsides as well. For one, drug users tend to have a shorter lifespan than others. They are also at a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases that may result from drug abuse. They also tend to have poor job performance and a lower income. Some drug users lose their jobs because they developed a dependency on drugs and couldn't work anymore.