How Do I Upgrade to Business Class on KLM?

KLM Airlines allows its passengers to upgrade a flight booking online or offline before the scheduled flight departure and add extra comfort to their booked flight without any trouble. You could purchase an upgrade online if you have bought a Full Flex economy flight ticket. By making an upgrade, you can request extra luggage allowance, get access to the airline’s lounges, get a chance to relax in a reclining seat, get a private sleeper seat, have a three-course meal, and endless options of entertainment during the flight. 


You can upgrade your Basic Economic ticket to Business Class or World Business Class on KLM or Air France airlines flights. The fee to make an upgrade is based on the ticket fare. If you have upgraded your KLM booking using your Blue Credits, you can book a flight five days before the scheduled flight departure. When your flight check-in starts, then you can make an upgrade. 

What is the process for upgrading a flight reservation online on KLM Airlines?

If you have made a KLM flight booking and wish to upgrade your ticket to Business class, here are the following steps that you need to follow.


  • On the airline’s official site, log into your account by entering your correct credentials.

  • Click on the Manage My Account and then choose the ‘Upgrade My Reservation’ option.

  • Select your desired option from upgrading the travel class, seat options, luggage, and so on based on your travel plans and requirements.

  • You can use your miles or a credit card to purchase the selected upgrades.

  • Now fill in your registered email address for the confirmation of the upgrades to your flight reservation.


How to upgrade a flight ticket via a phone call?


If you cannot upgrade your KLM booking online, you can also meet your travel needs via phone. All you need to do is call the Flying Blue service center and speak to the flight representative to know about the available upgrades. Based on the availability and requirements, you can request to make the necessary changes to your booked ticket. To purchase an upgrade, you can dictate to him your KLM reservations phone number, credit card number, or other payment form details.