Important Dos and Don’ts during Painting

If you have ever been a part of the process of painting your house or a room, you would know how intricate the process can be. Every first-timer would have a lot to learn in terms of what needs to be done, what can be avoided, and many other miscellaneous learnings on the whole. However, what would make your job easier would be if you already knew these nuanced aspects of the process of painting. If you did not have to constantly second-guess your decisions and were able to know with confidence what this process would entail, it would be easier. Many times, house painting services in Pune and expert contractors would educate you about what needs to be done to clear any confusion or misconceptions. However, it is also possible that several times, the onus lies upon you to identify and gain a thorough perspective yourself.

Here are a few important Dos and Don’ts regarding the process of painting that you can be aware of:

Dos – Proper knowledge about any process is important. A key element to that would be to know what you are supposed to do!

  • Assess your requirements – Before beginning the process, assess and analyze what you need. This will help you plan your budget, the products you need to buy, and the paints you may need. For example, once you know the type of wall and kind of painting that needs to be done, you can decide whether you would want to invest in certain paints like royale luxury emulsion or any other. 

  • Invest in good quality paints and products – Quality will always be one of the most important factors to ensure durability. If you are looking for a long-term sustainable finish, your products need to be of top quality.

  • Preparation – Many people think that it is okay to skip the preparation process and simply get started with painting the walls. However, not cleaning the walls or not applying putty can make the paint wear off faster and the finish will not look shiny. 

  • Patch testing – While selecting your colors, one of the most important aspects would be to patch test them. Apply a coat to parts of your wall and witness them in different lights – natural and artificial to see how the paint looks. 

Don’ts – Along with what needs to be done, it is also important to prepare for the obstacles and avoid certain problems. 

  • Avoid rushing into the process – No one would like to spend more time than necessary on this project of painting. However, setting realistic goals and spending enough time to prep the room and wait for the right time to begin can actually end up saving you a lot of time. Plan the budget, the products needed, and the people you want to hire, if any, well. Giving enough thought and consideration to these aspects can eventually be beneficial in the long run

  • Regarding paint cans – Paints can get expensive especially if you are investing in the best quality ones. Therefore, using them with caution would make a lot of difference. Do not dilute all the paints at once, pour them into smaller containers and seal the cans shut so that the paint does not dry. Do not dispose of any leftover paint as they can come in handy for any touch-ups that may be required

  • Paint in unsuitable weather – Avoid painting on rainy days or humid weather as it might take a long time for the paint to dry leaving you to spend more time on it than required. Choose the right weather and keep the windows and doors open to ensure proper ventilation. 


These dos and don’ts will help you understand how to go about this process while evading the easily avoidable obstacles by being prepared for them beforehand. The goal would be to embark on this journey quickly, affordably, and efficiently.