Minecraft's 1.19.10 Update is out On Bedrock

The Minecraft 1.19.10 update is finally here. We're saying it's just over a month since the last major update, but this one was actually delayed by a bit due to concerns about the way the chat reporting feature was looking.

1.19.10 introduces a few new features to The Wild update, but the most prominent of them is the glorious Allay. The Allay is the little blue thing that assists and is generally very cute. It can now dance when it hears the sound of a Jukebox. You can give it an Amethyst Shard while it's dancing to cause the Allay make an Amethyst-like sound and form the shape of a heart. Then, it will duplicate into another Allay. This allows you to put more Allays into your machine than you've ever had before - but remember you have to cool down for five minutes.

There are a few other updates too, like the ability to find biomes and structures using the /locate command, a spawn egg for the Trader Llama, and the immortal shame of your cause of death appearing on your screen every time you die.https://xrplay.org/ It's all great fun, isn't it?

Network N earns commission from the purchase of qualifying items through Microsoft and other programs. There are many fixes to crashes and strange gameplay issues like doors pushing players around. There are also a variety of mob fixes. The Warden now has the ability to move through both water and lava and isn't moved around when digging or emerging. The full notes are sizeable to say the minimum, so make sure you give them a look if that kind of thing floats your boat.

In other Minecraft news, you can get the most of these updates if you make sure you have the Distant Horizons mod is installed. It works, provided it is compatible with your version.