Company becomes the first to Open an Office Inside Minecraft

A Norwegian company is the first to set up an office in the virtual world of Minecraft.

Oslo-based Heisholt Inc. has purchased office space and land within an internet server for thecomputer game.

The company's founder Erik Heisholt said it will host client meetings as part of the game to ensure that creative minds can get together and exchange ideas.

Oslo-based Heisholt Inc. has purchased office space and land (pictured) within an online server of the 'infinite World' computer game

Erik Heisholt, the founder of the company, said that it will host client meetings within its business so that innovative minds can come to one another and share ideas.

'The way people interact, talk, build and create inside Minecraft is packed with power in collaboration, intelligence, collaboration and innovation the creator told The Local.

This is a crucial world for millions and millions of people, and we believe we can have new discussions that lead to new solutions, within Minecraft.'

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"We can make use of the collaborative and creative aspects of the game to benefit the greater good. It feels amazing to do this, as we discover a brand new world of communication, however, it also seems like a natural step,' he added.

The virtual office offers views of the open sea and is believed to be a perfect place to host client meetings.

Although the original game was designed for the PC, there are now versions for mobile and Xbox. Pictured is the inside of the office

The pioneering move follows hot following the company's successful organisation of the world's first Minecraft concert featuring electronic duo AlunaGeorge.

The couple played together in real life, however their moments were mirrored in virtual reality.

Billboards, posters, and videos were even spread within the Minecraft universe to promote the concert prior to it.

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