Midheaven in Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius Midheaven Woman is a quite different woman than you think. She is obsessed with logic and is often a wild woman. She is a very attentive person and must be capable of thinking. So, make sure to give her the attention she deserves and work through your childhood in a rational fashion. This will allow you to take huge leaps in your career.

If she's born with her midheaven in Libra, she's attracted to work that involves balancing the scales and fighting for justice. If you're able, consider working as a mediator , or in the field where you're required to see the entire picture. Venus, the ruler planet of Libra is expected to enjoy artistic work. You should also be aware that Venus is a great communicator.

In terms of jobs, Librarians are naturally adaptable and highly intuitive. They tend to gravitate toward the fields of psychology, law and the arts. Sometimes, they need a little push to determine the best path for them. This is a great trait, and you'll see that they're very dedicated to what they do. If you're looking for a job that will give you great satisfaction, they could be your best bet.

Pisces is an unchanging water sign that is ruled by Pluto. Women with a Scorpio midheaven love having their own voice, and may not be most open about their personal life. If they were born with Pisces as their midheaven, they will have exceptional investigative skills and an unwavering desire to make a positive difference in the world. They might become a highly successful detective or forensic scientist, or even the owner/operator of an occult store.

If theAquarius Midheavenis placed in Aries and her goals could be different from the average woman. The Aries Midheaven sign is a strong advocate of freedom, challenge, and the ability for people to see their vision. Aries Midheavens born in Aries could have had a father who was athlete or an entrepreneur. This would have given her a healthy sense of competition and freedom. As long as you are not competing against someone else the career of leadership or competition can be extremely rewarding.

Capricorns are hardworking and ambitious. Their success is often based on their long-term plans and hard work. Capricorns are drawn to jobs which require organization and security. Capricorns are patient and organized. This combination of attributes can allow them to pursue their goals regardless of what their current situation is at the moment. These traits make them suitable for careers that require a lot of perseverance. They will take on whatever it takes to get to the top.

Careers that let them utilize their intuitive abilities and empathy will be ideal for them. They can be successful in teaching, social work and nursing. They could be in a family business or in a profession that was handed down by their predecessors. The Aquarian Midheaven woman's innateness and sensitivity will lead her towards the right career. You can expect to be successful in all of these fields , and she will love every aspect of your profession.