A Brief about Aeroflot Refund Policy

Aeroflot is a leading airline in Russia and one of the largest airlines in the world. Last year Aeroflot Group carried 48.5 million passengers across the continents. Since it is such a big airline, it always tries to make the pre and post-booking a simple and easy procedure; that is why they provide a very simple and flexible refund policy. The information below will help you to get guidance about the refund policy and how to get a refund from the airline.

What is the important Aeroflot Refund Policy? 

Before moving forward to raise a refund request, you must grasp the proper knowledge about the important points of the Aeroflot ticket refund policy so that you can understand the procedure and save your bucks.

  • If you cancel your booking and raise a refund request within 24 hours, the airline will not charge an extra fee.

  • After 24 hours of booking, the passengers must pay the penalty or fee if they raise the refund request.

  • If the booking was canceled due to any medical emergency or death of any close related, then the passengers are eligible to get the full refund. 

  • Passengers who have bought the ticket through any travel agent then have to contact them for a refund or cancellation.

How to apply for an Aeroflot Ticket refund?

Many options can be used to raise a refund request, but the most effective and easy-to-do method is listed below. You can also use the steps so that the process goes smoothly. 

Getting Refund via Manage Booking - It is the best option to raise a refund request in minimal time. 

  • Land on the official website of Aeroflot Airlines.

  • Click on the manage my booking tab at the header of the page.

  • Enter the details such as booking or reference number and the passenger's last name in the given blanks.

  • After getting logged in, you will find a page with your reservation list and choose the reservation.

  • Next, press the cancel booking and make the payment if applicable.

  • After completing the payment, hit the refund option.

  • In the end, the airline will send a confirmation mail to your email address.

The information provided above will help you explain the Aeroflot cancellation policy in a very simple and easy way. The data will also help you to get a brief idea about how to get a refund from Aeroflot Airlines.