Path of Exile Review : Is it still worth a try?

POE is a breakthrough RPG, which is developing every year. At the time of release, it has three actions and an in-game map, providing a 30-hour overall gaming experience. Now, it has multiple behaviors and endless post-match activities. As the currency and intermediary of the game, players can buy POE Currency to enhance the device.

Every six months, developers will launch an "League" that other games like Call of Duty and Destiny want. The PoE league lasted for three months and added new systems, challenges, rewards and loot. You can always start a role in the league, and there are no lessons. After the league, your character will enter the standard league. Then, developers may or may not add new league mechanics to the core game. Most importantly, Grinding Gear Games adds a lengthy expansion every two years or so. The last one adds four new actions to the game, while the next one is providing "Path of Exile 2".

This is about exiles fighting hordes of demons with fire, swords and explosions. You can play the game alone or in cooperation. There are 9 actions in total, and each action has about 6 tasks. With skill customization options, crafting system and rich loot, you have at least 100 hours of solo experience. You can also go to the cooperative. Play the entire story with up to four friends. In addition, you can enter specific maps with other team members. Your enemies will be correspondingly more challenging.

There are seasons of PvP tournaments, battles and "capture the flag" global events. Most importantly, Race Evens and Daily Leagues operate as independent game worlds. These features come with steps, economy and prizes. Another co-op feature is the ability to unlock and customize your hideout. After passing certain special missions, your exile will get a selected location that can be used as a hub for making equipment, testing skills, and storing loot. You can invite others to your hideout to chat, trade, and enter game over content.

In its seven years of existence, PoE has developed into the most complex Slasher RPG in the world. Many of its mechanisms may leave you at a loss, especially considering that there is almost nothing in the tutorial section. Although unpopular, it is easier to start from scratch. You choose a "exile"  and click on the road to victory.

This is a very challenging game. Halfway through, your character may rule or be a complete disaster. I suggest you check some guidelines before starting again. Consider introducing new skills, new balance adjustments and new loot in each league. Then, the build will keep changing. The powerful 2019 version may now be a thing of the past. In POECurrency, players can get more game guides, and Buy POE Items also improves the players' strength.