They can't be on Campus

Students at the University of Pennsylvania are recreating their campus using "Minecraft" after COVID-19 ended their semester early. Since the spread of coronavirus across the globe events like graduations and weddings were moved online to "Minecraft," Animal Crossing, and other online games.

- Most US colleges have moved to remote learning for the remainder of the semester

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Although the University of Pennsylvania's school year is over, a few students aren't ready for the departure.

A group of UPenn students set up an Minecraft server and coordinated re-creating the campus over the course of March. Since then, they've talked with Columbia University and Brown University students working on similar projects to create possible challenges that resemble the Hunger Games between schools and planned to host spring celebrations on the server.

Microsoft purchased the block-building game "Minecraft" in 2014 for $2.5billion. It has been one of the most loved games worldwide for the past 10 years. It had 112 million active players each month at the time of September. The number of active users has increased to 145 million.

Colleges and universities across the US have sent students home and turned to remote learning for the rest of the semester. Some schools have made the switch after a student tested positive for COVID-19 which is the coronavirus disease, while others took the decision preemptively. Colleges also recognized the risk of returning students from spring break who had traveled around the globe.

While they're not on campus, Penn students recreated their campus in painstaking detail and the process is still ongoing.Wzjxzz.Com You can check out their amazing work here.