Tips for making MT quickly in NBA 2K21 MyTeam

If you have become a member of "My Team", you may always be looking for a better way to play. Some details may help you, such as "My Team", "virtual currency" and more details. Of course, the quickest and most convenient way is to buy NBA 2K21 MT from GameMS.

Triple Threat Online
The 3v3 online mode allows you to quickly get a lot of MT, and you will also get some other cool prizes to align with your bonus. Each game provides you with 250 MT, in addition to 200 drops per drop. Remember, you need to win the game to get these results. However, if you do this, you will manufacture thousands of MTs in less than an hour.

Flip card
Making MT by flipping cards is divided into two categories: evolving cards and reselling them or buying low/high prices. The first one is easier and more likely, but the second one can make a considerable profit. For the Evolution method, you need to pick up the Evolution card from the auction house. From there, you need to perform card evolution to upgrade it to a higher card level. After completion, their price will exceed the price you bought them, which saves you considerable time.

For the second method, you need to "snoop" higher-level card players from the auction house at a lower price. Then, you resell them at regular prices and get the usually substantial profits. Although the first method may be time-consuming, the second method cannot provide guarantees and you will feel frustrated most of the time. However, these two methods will make your MT more reliable.

Challenges can help you earn MT, but don't expect to benefit from these challenges. The following are some of our first suggestions: The challenge is a 4 or 5 minute game, and each game can bring you more than 2000 tons of MT. Their difficulty is very low, but only 3 people provide MT as a reward. The Kobe Challenge can help you play 8 games and earn a total of more than 20,000 metric tons, in addition to more than 100 tokens and two diamond items. Focus challenges, anyway, if you are grinding for Harden/Kobe, these challenges will help you gain MT slowly but surely.

Sale of useless items
Unless you are trying to collect collector-level cards, it is useless to have many cards in the collection. Therefore, we recommend selling these cards. You can sell other cards at the auction house to get a good MT.

When the game starts, please use the above methods to quickly earn a lot of NBA 2K21 MT. If you Buy 2K MT at a cheap price, you don't need to spend too much time in the game.