Create a Minecraft Mod for $80 by taking this Coding For Youth Course

The gaming industry is massive and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Even children are increasingly interested in gaming careers So what better way to support this than to learn coding? With this StackSocial Coding bundle for children anyone can begin programming and develop essential coding skills for the low cost of $80 from July 8 to July 8.

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This bundle is designed for children aged 11-18, however it's a good fit for anyone Minecraft fan who has no or little experience in coding. Using JavaScript and Python your child will get extensive walkthroughs on how to create their own blocks, items, weapons and more.

There are four classes in this bundle: Minecraft mods in Java, JavaScript game design, JavaScript tower defense, and Python coding for kids multiplayer adventures. At the end of each class children will have the ability to share their mods, start an online portfolio and code simple things. This offer is yours for the duration of the course and it's accessible on desktop and mobile.

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