Dive Compressors and Ground Power Unit with Unlimited Benefits

Looking for a quality yet affordable Ground Power Unit for Aircraft? MONZ Ltd is the best destination for you. This company specializes in delivering only the highest quality Ground Power Unit for Aircraft that powers, or starts, aircraft, whilst on the ground. This equipment can allow the aircraft to function perfectly whilst on the ground. MONZ Ltd stocks a great selection of Aviation GSE and Defence products ensuring that buyers will never regret choosing them. There are countless advantages you will get once you order these GPUs from MONZ. By limiting the use of on board turbo generators, it reduces noise and air pollution. The biggest benefit of this GPU airport equipment is the ability to support aircraft in the safest and most efficient way. An aircraft that is grounded also requires electric power and these aircraft power units provide that electricity to a number of components of the aircraft once it has already landed. 

It goes without saying that GPUs are some of the most important components of a complete GSE fleet. When purchasing ground power units, you should be careful enough and purchase a GPU that is compatible with different types of aircraft coming in and out of your airport. Fortunately, most GPUs offered by MONZ Ltd are applicable for use on several types of aircraft. With over 20 years of experience supporting the aviation and defence industry, MONZ Ltd has become one of New Zealand’s top suppliers of aviation and defence products. You can buy Ground power unit with confidence because they offer only the best quality in the market. 

MONZ Ltd prides itself on having a committed team of experts and they always use their deep knowledge and experience of the Aviation and Defence industry. This Airport Ground Power Unit is unmatched in the industry, so you can invest in it and be 100% satisfied. MONZ Ltd has already become a top choice for people looking to buy efficient and affordable aircraft products. Their GPUs provide the best variety of power required to get your aircraft moving.

Anytime you need a reliable and innovative Ground Power Unit to supply your aircraft, look no further and trust MONZ Ltd. No matter which type of Ground Power Unit you are looking for, this team has the power to cover your demands. Whatever option you want, here you can find them all:  

  • Air Start Unit MSU 400 V (Van)

  • Air Start Unit MSU 200 V (Van) 

  • Air Start Unit MSU 200 T (Trailer)


There is also a great range of Dive Compressors NZ as well. These compressors can be used to provide air to a diver directly from the waterside or can be used to easily refill your dive cylinder with air. This air is pure enough to breathe in and to be used as oxygen. This team also manages thorough quality checks and offers unsurpassed portable and stationary oxygen dive compressors. These dive compressors have been tested for safety and reliability, so you can have peace of mind that you are investing in a high-quality product. Hurry up to order today and rest assured that each mouthful of air is the purest form of oxygen.