Eco Friendly Engagement Rings We'd Love Say 'I Do' To

Just as stunning, sparkly, and sophisticated as their natural counterparts, ethical diamond rings are quite a popular choice among couples today.


A lot of eco-conscious couples are looking for lab grown diamonds in Houston, TX that are beautiful, help to save the planet, and are affordable even at larger carat sizes. These diamonds are made in a lab using carbon-neutral equipment and this allows you to keep a low carbon footprint compared to natural diamonds.


Keep in mind that natural and ethical diamonds have the same aesthetic, physical, and chemical properties along with a rating a tough ten on the Mohs scale, making it perfect for daily wear. Lab-made diamonds also come in a range of styles and settings to suit the modern bride.


Five-stone heirloom round diamond ring

For the bride that loves bold and unconventional pieces, these wedding ring sets in Houston, TX feature four baguette-shaped side stones that enhance the brilliance of your center stone.


You can pair your gemstones with platinum or rose gold to suit your style and personality preferences.


Signature oval-cut diamond rings

These ethical rings are ideal for traditional brides and feature a simple and beautiful oval-cut diamond set with classic silhouettes in a solitaire setting.


You can even add a pave band for an added touch of class and elegance or a two-tone ring with platinum and rose gold for a unique appeal.


Diamond duet radiant-cut ring

For the glamorous bride, this halo radiant-cut diamond ring features a split band for a unique and extravagant look. This ring paired with your fine jewelry in Houston, TX offers you a ton of shine and fire and can easily match any diamond cut you desire.


Some brides even opt for ethical pink or yellow diamonds and other gemstones like sapphires, rubies, or emeralds that offer your ring a stunning and glam look and make it easily stand apart from the rest.


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, investing in a diamond ring can be a huge decision and most brides decide to opt for a lab-made diamond owing to its affordable, eco-friendly appeal and it comes with fewer flaws and inclusions so that your diamond can shine brighter.


Lab-made diamonds are also easier to obtain and can be made in just a couple of weeks compared to a natural diamond that takes years to form.