The top five headsets for video games in 2022

The top five headsets for video games in 2022

Here are some suggestions for gaming headsets that fit various price ranges, whether you're looking for a durable option for your children or a quiet retreat for yourself.


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Tue Nov. 8, 2022, 5.30 EST

$35 Razer Kraken X

Sharp Kraken X.

Razer Kraken X, seen in a picture.

My negligent teenage boys have had their Krakens for over two years, and they have held up excellently. Razer's cheap headsets are consistently excellent, and despite being lightweight, they are rather sturdy and dependable. All current consoles are compatible with the Kraken X model, which is also cozy, has excellent sound quality, and looks great. Another great alternative in the sub-£100 price range is the newer, little more costly Razer Barracuda X.


Arctis Nova 1 by SteelSeries ($80)

headset model Arctis Nova 1.

headset model Arctis Nova 1. Arctis advertisement, in picture

Years ago, I purchased a SteelSeries headset for my PlayStation 4, and it helped me get through a lot of stressful movie hours playing The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, and Hitman. With its huge, thick ear cushions and the company's ComfortMAX system for a plush fit, the Artic Nova 1 headset is a novel design that is lightweight yet comfy. Different versions are available for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and they have great sound drivers for the money and compatibility for a number of 3D spatial audio technologies. The noise-cancelling microphone's retractable design is particularly fascinating since it allows you to listen to music on the train without seeming tacky.


(£160) Corsair HS80 RGB wireless


I like this company's straightforward, dependable products since I use a Corsair keyboard and Corsair Vengeance RGB RAM in the PC I constructed last year. The HS80 wireless headset is compatible with PS5 and PC and has 50mm sound drivers, plush memory foam earpads, and Dolby Atmos compatibility. It is a terrific option for team-based shooters like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch since the in-game audio is really accurate and is supported by the great microphone.


Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX ($240)

Stealth 700 Turtle Beach

Coconut Beach Stealth 700. Featured Image: A Turtle Beach Ad

This is the greatest Turtle Beach headset I've ever used, and I have a couple of them. They're always great value. The strong 50mm speaker drivers produce sound with true depth and clarity, from gut-punching explosions to the loud ping of bullet richochets. It will wirelessly connect with either an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 without any hassle. It is also compatible with PC and Nintendo Switch. You're set for incredibly lengthy weekend gaming sessions thanks to the 40-hour battery life and its substantial yet comfy design. The Stealth 600 (£60) is another excellent no-frills choice with excellent sound and a mic if money is limited.


270 pounds) Sony InZone H9


Okay, so this is a complete luxury headset, but I've included it because it's one of the most comfortable ones I've ever used and it works beautifully with the 3D spatial audio technology that Sony is touting for the PS5. The H9 also has active noise cancellation, which although not nearly as good as the WH-1000XM5 headset from the same firm, was nonetheless effective in blocking out my son's ranting at Apex Legends next to me while I played Elden Ring. It is a nice solution for picky gamers and is compatible with the PS5 and PC. I really did not want to return the review unit. Fans of the PS5 who can't quite afford the £270 should certainly think about the Sony Pulse headset. It costs roughly £70 and does an excellent job of highlighting the Tempest 3D audio technology of the system.