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Whether you're getting ready for an upcoming holiday elegant formal dresses , wedding, night out, prom or prom, or even a vacation, there are usually a few times a year when a woman needs a formal or evening dress. From layered crepe ruffles to beaded mesh details, the options are endless — but often pricey. With us, you can rent women's formal wear for your upcoming events to avoid the high prices, long-term commitments and added challenges of dressing for formal occasions.
In a traditional retail or e-commerce environment, figuring out the right formal attire can be difficult. In a typical online store, a quick search for "formal wear" might turn up hundreds or thousands of options. Who has time? Fortunately, we have a number of ways to help members quickly identify the right formal attire for your event.

When you join us, you'll take a short style quiz to help us understand your body and fashion preferences. We'll then present you with a personalized closet filled with items we think you'll love. If you update your wardrobe preferences to feature formal dresses exclusively, we'll share wardrobe inventory that fits the requirements - with your style requirements in mind.

Even if you choose your personal everyday style, it doesn't always translate to formal wear. Thankfully, we also have stylists available for your fashion needs. If you're in the greater Seattle area, you can book an in-person styling appointment ahead of an upcoming official event. Our local stylists will pick 10-15 pieces that match your dress code, and you can try them all on to see which suits you best. After a highly personalized session, you will leave our boutique in impeccable formal attire for upcoming programmes.

For our remote members, you can also take advantage of the expertise of your stylists should you require more specific formal wear options to choose from. Contact our member experience team to request a virtual styling appointment or a stylist-built wardrobe or case. Just share a few details about your formal dress code and our stylists can pick out a few formal attires for you to consider.
Social media has fueled disdain for "repeat dressing." Especially after attending a formal event with a lot of photo ops, it's unlikely you'll want to wear the same outfit to your next formal event. Unfortunately, this is at odds with trending consumer sentiment: interest in more sustainable living.

Wearing clothes multiple times is more sustainable than wearing them once and throwing them aside. This is where clothing rental services come in handy. Our clothing rentals offer a way to wear a formal dress once without feeling guilty about having that dress haunt you from the back of your closet. When you're done wearing your dress, send it back and we'll have it cleaned and ready for the next wardrobe member.

Trends change quickly. There's no point investing in formalwear for the long term, especially if you're exploring colors or styles outside of timeless classics. Because a bold new color or style might be more in style the next time you need a formal suit, wardrobe rentals are one way to ensure your formal attire looks fresh and stylish. There's no need to wear formal clothes for long, especially if you're not sure about the staying power of a stylish element.

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