Medical Terminology Software Market Size and forecast to 2028

The global medical terminology software market size was valued at USD 849.8 million in 2021 and expected to reach a value of USD 3,080.7 million by 2028, witnessing a CAGR of 20.2% during the forecast period 2022-2028.  Medical terminology software is being used to process a vast volume of patient healthcare information. The software also addresses the growing demand to reduce medical mistakes. The rising demand for patient data standardization, the need to reduce medical errors, and the gathering of enormous amounts of medical data are all likely to boost market growth. However, market expansion has been hindered by concerns such as apprehension over using language solutions instead of traditional techniques. In addition, prominent industry players have taken part in the development of newer products in order to increase their market position.

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The market is expected to grow as a result of factors such as a growing focus on reducing medical errors and a growing need to ensure data integrity. Other issues, such as a reluctance to adopt language solutions over traditional methods, are limiting the total market's growth. Over the previous 18 months, almost every industry in the world has suffered a setback. This can be ascribed to severe disruptions in their respective manufacturing and supply-chain operations as a result of various precautionary lockdowns and other limitations imposed by governments all over the world. The worldwide Medical Terminology Software market is no exception. Furthermore, consumer spending has decreased as people are now more focused on removing non-essential expenditures from their budgets since the general economic situation of most people has been badly impacted by the outbreak. Over the forecast period, the aforementioned factors are likely to weigh on the worldwide Medical Terminology Software market's sales trajectory. The global Medical Terminology Software market is likely to rebound as respective governing agencies begin to lift these enforced shutdowns.


The global medical terminology software market segmentation:

1) By Product: Platforms and Services.

2) By Application: Data Health Surveillance, Quality Reporting, Others.

3) By End U By Product: Platforms and Services.

4) By Application: Data Aggregation, Decision Support, Clinical Trials, Clinical Guidelines, Reimbursement, Public Health Surveillance, Quality Reporting, Others.

5) By End User: Healthcare IT Vendors, Healthcare Payers, Healthcare Providers and Other End Users.


Owing to the existence of large medical terminology software suppliers and the increasing usage of advanced technologies in the healthcare sector, North America holds a significant proportion of the medical terminology software market. Due to increased investment by key players to deliver healthcare solutions throughout the region, the medical terminology software market in Asia Pacific is predicted to grow the quickest over the projected timeframe.

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There are some major players working in medical terminology software market, which include 3M, Intelligent Medical Objects, Clinical Architecture, B2i Healthcare, Bitac, Carecom, Apelon, BT Clinical Computing, HiveWorx, Wolters Kluwer

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