Shogun Sports Cast Iron Kettlebell. High-Quality Cast-Iron Kettlebells with LB and KG Markings. For Home Workouts, Funct

About this item

  • HIGH-QUALITY CAST-IRON KETTLEBELLS: Our Kettlebells are built to last made in one solid piece cast with dual LB/KG markings and flat wobble-free surface. The single cast makes the kettlebells more solid, more reliable without Welds, Weak Spots, Seams or Burrs. We only use the best materials to offer the best workout experience possible.
  • POLISHED FREE OF IMPERFECTIONS: The Shogun Sports Kettlebells come out of the mold and then get polished and painted with corrosion resistant paint to improve the grip. The smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms. The finish allows for chalk to adhere better and offer and even grippier feeling, allowing you to focus on your workout and not on the kettlebell slipping out of your hand.
  • PAINTED FOR IMPROVED DURABILITY: Coated with a corrosion resistant paint that will ensure that your new kettlebells will last for a long time.
  • THE PERFECT WORKOUT TOOLS: Kettlebells are by far one of the most versatile workout tools you can add to your home gym. Kettlebells work muscles you didn’t even know you had. You only need a set of Kettlebells to work your entire body.
  • QUALITY FIRST: Shogun Sports is a US Veteran Owned and operated company; we test all our products and conduct 100% QC inspections to make sure they will perform up to the expectations.