Real Estate Appraisal Market Growth Opportunities 2022

The global real estate appraisal market size valued x billion in 2021 growing at  a CAGR of x % during forecast period 2022-2028. The process of producing an opinion of value or valuation of real property is known as real estate appraisal, often known as land or property valuation. Because real estate transactions are rare and each property is distinct, appraisals are usually required. The financial crisis had a significant impact on the evaluation process's applicable legislation. The valuation of a property has a significant impact on the regulations that govern the appraisal process. An evaluation of a property can be done by a third-party or by an Appraisal Management Company in-house (AMC).

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The major driver is the expanding trend of residential societies in developing economies to offer housing for an ever-increasing population. The demand for real estate evaluation services is also fueled by significant growth in the commercial building sector, which includes hotels, resorts, and related hospitality structures. Consequently, valuing a home at a lower price than the real market size might result in a loss to the consumer, leading in trust issues and hindering market growth. The economic and social turmoil caused by one of the world's worst health pandemics has impacted millions of businesses. Revenues decreased in 2020 and are expected to steadily increase beginning in 2021. Companies that optimize their operations and strategies will outlast and outperform their competitors. Companies are reorganizing their operations and recovering from the unprecedented COVID-19 impact, which had previously resulted in restrictive containment measures such as remote working, social distancing, and the closure of commercial operations, all of which caused management problems and hampered market growth. The pandemic has had a significant impact on both residential and non-residential construction industry, which has had a detrimental impact on real estate appraisals.

The global real estate appraisal market segmentation:

  1. By Appraisal Method: Mass Appraisal and Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and Computer-assisted Mass Appraisal
  2. By Type: Cost Approach, Sales Comparison Approach, and Income Capitalization Approach

Growth in the Real Estate Appraisal Market in Asia Pacific region can mostly be credited to the burgeoning construction industry in China, India, and the South Asian countries of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia, to name a few. Furthermore, rising standard of living and the growth of nuclear families result in the sale of old apartments in order to move to a new home, driving market expansion in the region.

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some of the major players key players in the global real estate appraisal market CoreLogic, Inc., JP Morgan Chase Co., Real Matters, Inc., Wells Fargo Company

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