Best handlebar tape 2022

Best handlebar tape 2022

As one of the main contact points between you and your bike, handlebar tape can play a significant role in keeping you comfortable and in control when out riding.To get more news about Rubber Tape, you can visit official website.

Shock absorption and cushioning are often the main priority when considering what bar tape to buy because these will have the biggest impact on keeping your hands comfortable. Material choice can also affect grip when riding in the wet, and durability too.

Beyond comfort and control, swapping out old bar tape for new is an affordable way to customise a bike or give it a new lease of life. In fact, as far as cheap road bike upgrades go, a roll of new tape is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your ride.Bar tape was traditionally made from cork or leather. Cork offers good absorption and remains grippy in wet weather while leather bar tape provides great comfort and has a classic appearance.

These materials are still used, but today bar tape is more frequently made from synthetic materials such as polyurethane, silicone and rubberised polymers.

Man-made materials provide several benefits because they are lightweight and durable and can be particularly grippy with ‘sticky’ surfaces and imprinted grips.

Often, synthetic materials are used as an outer and paired with a gel or foam inner. This can drastically alter the feel of a bike with non-backed tapes being as thin as 1.5mm and backed tapes being as thick as 5mm.Thickness and backing of bar tape often come down to personal preference. Maybe you are riding on gravel and want as much vibration to be absorbed as possible, or you ride with cycling gloves so prefer a thinner bar tape.

In some cases, bar tape comes backed with adhesive strips. This can make wrapping or removing bar tape a tricky affair, but it does hold the tape in place.

When it comes to wrapping, some synthetic bar tapes are high-stretch, making it easier to wrap the tape around brake levers and hoods.

The length of bar tape can also impact wrapping. If you are wrapping particularly wide bars, say on a gravel bike, then you will have less material to play with.

The final point to consider is looks. Cork or leather tape will give any build a retro flavour, while thicker tape might look out of place on a classy steel bike.


Bar tape also comes in a range of colours and patterns and can give any build a personal touch, but one thing many cyclists will insist on is bar tape matching the colour of the bike’s saddle. Of course, colour choice is personal preference.