Advanced Experimental Marketing Methods Used By PurpleGlo

The process of "activating" a brand is now integral to the operations of any company. Without brand activation, a company would fail miserably. Activating a brand aids companies in establishing meaningful connections with customers and increasing brand recognition. You may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of doing this all on your own at first. But you can seek assistance from photo booth brand activation agencies for this. A firm like PurpleGlo would be able to help you develop the most effective brand activation plan possible for your company because of their extensive knowledge in the field.

If your company wants to make a big splash in experiential marketing, PurpleGlo can assist. PurpleGlo assists businesses in establishing their identities in the mind of consumers by keeping up with cutting-edge technology and gaining insight into consumer habits. PurpleGlo employs a variety of methods like kinetic display that can foster collaborative relationship between you and your intended audience. Read on if you're curious about the methods used by this brand activation marketing agency to foster such positive communication :

Experimental marketing with social media screens

  • Screens: Put those outdated billboards of advertising behind you. Connecting with individuals on their preferred social network handles, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, is now made possible through the usage of social media screens. During public events, these screens can function as digital tables to display information. In addition to this, they can be set up in the style of a billboard. They might display your latest social media updates in order to attract new customers. You may alter the visual presentation of your screen directly from your mobile device.
  • Machines: Appliances like coffee makers, water fountains, and social media lockers may all be used for activations. These devices are based on a basic principle. People who are interested in your services will need to follow you on social media to find out more information about what you offer. Upon doing so, they may be eligible to receive a complimentary drink.

Gain attention of people by these experimental marketing methods

PurpleGlo uses several marketing methods to gain attention of the audience at an event. Some of these tactics don t even require spectators. You can implement these methods at a shopping center or on a busy street without requiring willful participation. Advanced tactics like kinetic walls can grab attention of passersby s with their incredible design and features.

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