One thing you need to consider before buying Bits for sale online.

Online shopping is not as easy as it seems. So it's worth knowing a few guidelines that will help you safely purchase the license of the selected bit.

  • Try all the beats before you buy them : it's important that you rap to a beat first and make sure you like it. You should listen to the beat a few times before you buy it. Unless you really liked it.
  • Record words and see if they are beat-coordinated or not : Before buying any bits online. It's better to compose the melody and verses on the selected beat because if you buy it first without checking if your idea is right, you can quickly conclude that you have wasted your money and are not satisfied with your design. If that happens, put that song away for a while to gain more experience and then come back to it when the time is right.
  • It is also worth that you record a demo on this beat before buying and ask for criticism from people you trust and also those who know about music. This kind of critique can help you improve the song or make sure that buying the beat you choose is a good investment.
  • You need a beat that will help you shape your personality. It should be a bit that you can master relatively easily. If you like a beat but you feel a bit too weak for it or unsure, then it's worth working on rapping techniques or flow.
  • Compare all beat prices and the license you want to choose. If you are not a famous rapper, it is worth looking at leasing licenses.
  • Terms and Conditions : Each site that sells bits has its own terms and conditions regarding the use of purchased bits. If you buy a bit blindly first without reading the license, then you may be disappointed. Many producers have inconsistent licenses, for example, with some you buy full rights to a bit - you don't get full rights to it - only limited. Please check each license carefully before purchasing a bit.
  • Read each of the reviews : Sometimes it's good to just take a look at general public reviews to help you choose the right beat for you.
  • License and rights : By purchasing a bit online you will receive a license giving you the rights to use the bit. It is important to know exactly how you can use a given bit and not to violate the rights that the license gives you.
  • Special discounts : You don't have to stress if you don't find free bits. There are some sites that when you sign up to their mailing list you will get free bits in the license. In addition, such sites give you the opportunity to buy a monthly membership in which not only do you receive beats, but you also have mixing and mastering or marketing promotion of your brand on social media.
  • Diversity of beats : You can discover so many different types of rap beats online these days for free or for a small fee. The range that you can get from the internet is so large that you can choose any that suits you from styles such as Old School beats, Gangsta beats, Kendrick Lamar style beats, trap beats, club beats, Soulful beats or old school beats, rnb beats and so on next.

Certainly, if you use the above tips when buying bits online, nothing will surprise you and you will be satisfied with your investment. If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]

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