Few Common Questions Regarding Gas Fireplaces

Gas log sets are a great way to add warmth, ambiance, and value to your home. If you're thinking about installing Gas Log Fireplace Melbourne in your existing fireplace or new construction project, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between a vented and vent-free gas log fireplace?

  • A chimney is an essential part of using a firebox, as it allows the smoke to escape safely. When you have a vented fireplace, you need to maintain your chimney and have it inspected regularly to ensure that it’s working properly.
  •  You also need to make sure there isn’t too much moisture in your home so that the chimney doesn't become blocked with excess moisture or ice—both of which can create dangerous situations for those who use their firebox.
  • Vent-free gas logs are much more portable than vented gas log sets because they don't require any kind of additional ventilation system when placed on an existing gas line (the same kind used by some stoves).
  • Ventless fireplaces are usually more efficient than other types because they only burn natural gas or propane; this means there's no wood burning involved at all! The fireplace heats up the room without releasing smoke into the environment outside, making them great for people who want something environmentally friendly but still want that cozy feeling in their living room.
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Can I burn wood in my existing masonry wood burning fireplace?

Yes, you can burn wood in your existing masonry wood burning Fireplaces Melbourne. However, it is not recommended that you do so without taking the proper precautions. 

Your best option is to have an insert installed into the opening of your existing wood burning fireplace and then convert it to gas when desired. This way, you will still be able to use your masonry wood burning fireplace for aesthetic purposes and also give yourself the option of using gas logs when desired.

You will need to look into having an airtight insert installed into the opening as well as having all necessary permits obtained before moving forward with this project. Y

ou should also take care of having your chimney cleaned before installing a gas log set or vented system inside it; otherwise there could be problems with carbon monoxide buildup which can lead to death if not addressed quickly enough!

Once these steps are taken care of by qualified professionals who know what they're doing (we recommend calling around), then go ahead and enjoy all those cozy moments with friends family around that warm fire place each night during these cold winter months!

Does the installation of a gas log set require a building permit?

If you are considering installing a gas log set in your home, the first question you should ask yourself is whether or not it will require a building permit. In most cases, this will depend on whether or not you are installing the fireplace in a single-family home or in an area with more than one living unit.

If you're installing a gas log set within a single-family home and it does not involve any major structural changes to the outside of your house (such as adding new walls), then it's unlikely that you'll need to obtain permission from your city before proceeding with your project. 

However, if there are any significant modifications being made to the structure of your home—even if those modifications only affect one room—you may want to check with your local building authority before getting started on construction work.


The installation of your Gas Log Fireplace Melbourne  set may require a permit from your local building department. The cost to install and connect the gas line from the street, to the fireplace can vary depending on how far away it is from where you want it installed.