The Most Common Types of Printer Jamming| Problems & Solution

One of the most aggravating things is a jammed printer. When the time comes to print a large project or important document, some problematic paper always manages to become stuck somewhere deep inside the printer. Even though they are bothersome, most paper jams are simple to fix.

If you’ve checked the screen in vain, don’t get angry. Inhale deeply and try these straightforward fixes for a paper jam:

Use Lacking in quality, Outdated, or Warped

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Paper The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many companies to impose lengthy periods of remote work for employees. It’s likely that some paper has been sitting in the printer when they return to the office.

This is frequently caused by the various humidity levels the paper sheets have encountered while accumulating dust in the office. Paper absorbs and releases moisture over time, which causes it to distort or not lie flat. When utilizing a printer that hasn’t been used in a while, this can result in print quality problems like jamming, so keep that in mind.

How to Unjam a printer: This is a simple one. Replace the used stack of paper with a brand-new one. If this still doesn’t solve the issue, then another factor is probably to blame.

Pages in the Printer Get Jammed

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For a variety of reasons, occasionally perfectly good sheets of paper get stuck inside the printer. Even while it may appear complicated and require a call to the IT department, most people who are not extremely tech-savvy can usually do the simple fix for getting paper out.

How to Fix a printer Jam: Open the printer access doors and remove the toner if you feel comfortable doing so. Not to worry. No parts will need to be taken out for any of this. We only require a brief glimpse inside to determine the paper’s path.

Once the printer is opened, we can see several interior spaces where the stuck-in paper might be lurking. Pages that don’t exactly line up with the various mechanisms can often become caught as they travel through the machine. It is an inconvenient but regrettably necessary aspect of printer operations.

Wrong Paper Size

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A printer can jam up very rapidly if the paper is the wrong size. Size matters greatly to printers. When a page deviates by less than a meter from what the gadget anticipates, one can stop. Normally, as soon as it happens, a message alerting you to the issue will appear on screen. Then, it ought to guide you through clearing it.

How to Fix This Printer Jam: To begin with, ascertain the paper size that the printer is attempting to print on. Simply insert the proper size of paper and print once again if you realized you weren’t using the right kind of paper. If the incorrect paper size was loaded, everything should work as it should.

Sometimes, whether on purpose or by accident, tray settings or paper size can be changed. Make sure everything is accurate and in line with your intentions by going over the Page Setup section. Try printing the document again after accuracy has been confirmed.

Repairing Printer Parts

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If you’ve tried and troubleshooted everything listed above without success, it may be time to contact a managed print partner or your IT department, who are specialists in printers. Any printer or copier will eventually have defective parts that will occasionally require repair or replacement. Paper jams occurring frequently may be a sign that such maintenance is required.

How to Fix This Printer Jam: Do you believe this to be the case but are hesitant to seek for assistance? The User Guide for the printer, particularly the Customer Self Repair section, would then be the greatest resource. Some components, like as the rollers in the paper tray or the fuser, are made to be relatively simple to repair because they do need to be done frequently.

These parts might probably be changed on your own if you consider yourself to be handy enough. Getting accustomed to their replacement would be helpful because these are the components that lead to print and paper jams the most frequently.

But if you don’t feel confident using your hands or if you’ve tried and failed, we strongly advise hiring a professional. Whether it’s a print management specialist or an IT team member with printer experience, they’ll know just how to handle the problem without perhaps making it worse.


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