Raquel Welch Wigs

Raquel Welch Wigs offer classy looks and lavish textures. The Black Label Collection along with her Signature Collection include styles that can be effortlessly styled, with no maintenance needed for them to look great.

This pixie wig featuring hair that is textured and has a slick bang is made of heat-styleable synthetic hair that can be styled in a variety of ways, constructed on the Memory Cap II base to form to your head to ensure comfort.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs made by Raquel Welch are the best in elegance, style, and fashion. They are made of top-quality synthetic or human hair fibers to ensure maximum heat resistance and with memory cap construction to create natural appearance as well as innovative technologies like memory cap construction or lace fronts for natural styles, many come pre-styled for ease of wear, while remaining lightweight and breathable all day long.

Wigs are a great option to alter the look of your hair or cope when medical procedures cause hair loss, and provide women with options to replace hair lost. They come in different sizes and colors to suit every preference; the most popular styles include short pixies wigs with lightly textured layers and piecey bangs; long layered human hair wigs; and softly waved and straight medium-length styles.

Raquel Welch's hair wigs have been famous for their exquisitely designed and the focus on details, which means they appear lifelike and blend naturally and naturally with hair that is natural. Monofilament caps and lace fronts included in these wigs recreate a natural hairline and scalp to give you more confidence and comfort while wearing. Certain colors let you pick one that is perfect for your skin tone; other wigs come equipped with built-in highlights for an added stylish flourish.


The durability of synthetic hair exceeds that of natural hair, because it doesn't react to climate or environmental conditions as easily. As such synthetic wigs are more likely to be more easy to take care of. Additionally, they are pre-styled so you can simply wash and wear right out of the box - perfect for women who want to get quick styles with little fuss!

Raquel Welch's synthetic wigs are made of her exclusive Vibralite(r) Kanekalon Modacrylic fiber to create realistic texture and feel, coming in wavy, straight or bouncy blow-dry styles with monofilament monofilaments, which provide unparalleled comfort and realism - some even allow heat tools for styling to make your own unique style!

Mirna's wig of choice hers is Envy Lace Front Wig, made of heat-friendly VersaFiber(r). It looks and feels just like 100% natural human hair while holding its form after washing - perfect for busy women who need easy styling options as well as low maintenance costs that are associated with natural hair, as well as providing protection against water, pool chemicals, and sun exposure - essential factors when wearing wigs for extended periods.


Raquel Welch collection wigs are unnoticeable, comfortable to wear all day, and easy to style. They are made of high-quality materials and features specifically designed to provide elegant hair loss solutions that are suitable for ladies of all different ages.

Monofilament caps have human hair strands, tied by hand to a transparent mesh material which resembles skin to create a fake hair growth effect. It also allows the color of your hair to shine through, creating an authentic wig look. Furthermore, they're highly flexible and breathable, while also being soft to the touch ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.

Flexible parting makes these wigs much easier to handle than traditional styles, enabling you to move your hair around as well as pull it back and tuck it under for different styles. This feature makes these ideal for people who have hair that is thin or for those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

A lot of Raquel Welch wigs feature the fronts of lace for an appearance that is more natural which makes them the perfect choice for anyone seeking natural-looking yet long-term wearable hairstyles that are at ease. Their range includes synthetic and human hair options to meet the needs of each woman. They come in short, medium and long lengths, offering an option that is perfect for each individual!

Lace Front

Raquel Welch wigs have delicate fronts of lace, which require extra attention when applying glue to secure the lace properly. Therefore, when the time comes for applying it is essential to use only certain types of adhesives like Hair Queen's Meltdown Invisible Lace Bond Glue ($28). It is recommended to perform an initial patch test, however.

If you are wearing a lace front wig, it is vital to ensure that all excess hair sticking out beyond your natural hairline be removed with sharp scissors. Make sure the trimming follows your natural hairline but not extending far enough to the rear.

When it is worn for as long as six weeks at once the wig should be removed each week in order for your natural tresses to receive post-wig treatment such as deep conditioning and scalp exfoliating - this keeps them healthy and healthy! If this isn't feasible for you, request for your hair stylist, or cosmetologist remove the wig for you. this will provide busy people with access to professional haircare treatment more easily.