The Gypsy Dress is a fashion

Gypsies (or Romanis, as they prefer to be known nowadays) have long been recognized for their colorful clothes that feature bright flashes of colors. Gypsy dress is one recent example of fashion's obsession with this minority group which has been often excluded and vilified throughout history.

Whatever their style, whether flowing maxis adorned with floral prints or vibrant sundresses adorned with tassels - these pieces embody both an expressive spirit and a rich heritage.

Boho Dresses

Bohemian dresses are light clothes that can be draped easily all the way to the mid-thighs or ankles, often featuring tiered skirts or dresses with peasant tops, fringed sandals, ethnic textiles with embellishments or embroidery and fringed fringes. Their origins can be traced further back like to the nomadic Romani people in France who inspired this laidback style in the beginning.

Bohemian fashion, which is in vogue and trendy today, includes dresses that feature multi-tiered fabrics that flow easily around their wearer. Boho-inspired styles are available in an assortment of hues and materials to suit any mood or occasion; select patterns or floral dresses to achieve that quintessential bohemian look. Pair with a wide-brimmed caps and an embossed bag to fully embody the gypsy aesthetic.

Bohemian styles are appropriate year round. A floral wrap dress for summer pairs perfectly in flat shoes and with a chic fedora. In winter, dress it up with chunky knit cardigans when temperatures begin to fall - for added festival appeal add a flower crowns or bolero headpieces with beads!

Romani Dresses

Romani dresses have a classy high neckline and column skirt to shape the body in a stunning fashion, making this gown suitable for any event or special occasion. Wear this stylish piece with basic sandals and elegant earrings for a gorgeous outfit, or add some warmth with a cardigan such as Modcloth's Charter School Cardigan in multiple colours and patterns to add warmth; its floral print pattern complements perfectly your Romani gown!

Romani women are known to dress in long-piled skirts that have colorful patterns and decorated with fringes and other ornaments and textures, as well as long pleated aprons with decorative pockets and, for married women, headbands as signs of the modesty of their appearance and social status.

Roma people are an extremely diverse group of people with a variety of different styles and traditions that are influenced by the social group they belong to. So, the fashions they choose to wear are based on trends that are which are embraced by their community and can place the pressure on people to appear attractive and feminine, which can lead to self-image issues and increased stress levels.

Roma people have historically been targeted and discriminated against. They are often considered criminals who commit petty theft in poor conditions. But these brave people have managed to move across Europe for millennia, despite the unfair treatment.

Unique Dresses

To make a truly memorable gypsy-inspired event the dress that is stuffed with feathers is ideal. With silk draping and a one shoulder neckline that is accented with asymmetrical feather detailing to create a magical look that will leave you dancing through fairytale-esque scenes! Perfect for art gallery events or other events where creative style choices are allowed. Add a boho touch by pairing this stylish outfit with an eye-catching neck scarf accessory. You will undoubtedly become the focus of attention at any event you go to!

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