Jon Renau Wigs

Jon Renau wigs is one of the top international manufacturers of wigs, hairpieces and extensions. The wigs they sell are modern with comfortable cap designs and natural fiber options.

Rachel features softly waved layers with an SmartLace front and a hand-tied monofilament cap that mimics human hair's feel and look. The versatile synthetic style can be worn curly or straight.


Jon Renau offers some of the best human and synthetic hair wigs that are available. With everything from lace front wigs, to fully hand-tied styles The Jon Renau collection features advanced cap designs and comfortable fiber choices, not to mention an amazing range of colors.

Whatever the occasion our collection of Jon Renau wigs can help you achieve your ideal style - be it an upgrade on naturally-appearing features or even a total shift. Pick between long, flowing locks or a striking Pixie cut - you're bound to find a wig that matches your appearance perfectly!

Jon Renau wigs offer unparalleled comfort and styling versatility, featuring both monofilament and lace fronts to offer the most stylistic options and wearer satisfaction. Lace fronts make natural hairlines. Monofilament tops let you part your hair in any manner you want, while open wefting can help keep your scalp cool during hot days. Jon Renau's O'Solite collection features lighter materials and a thinner structure which weigh 50 percent lower than conventional wigs, ensuring ultimate wearability and breathability.


Jon Renau offers an expansive variety of styles, ranging from bobs with faces-framing layers, sleek lobs to length wigs that feature elegant mermaid cascades from synthetic as well as Remy human hair options. Each style comes with comfortable caps with adjustable straps, velvet-lined ear tabs, light textures, as well with velvet-lined ear tabs to ensure optimal comfort.

Jon Renau wigs are composed of heat-repellant human and synthetic hairs to provide long-lasting durability, low maintenance cost and unbeatable authenticity. Synthetic wigs are affordable and offer versatility while human hair provides natural movement for easy styling.

Jon Renau offers a color rings and descriptions of codes to help customers choose a wig color best suited for them, with each code providing more details than just what you can see in an image swatch. These codes help define every shade more precisely, for example an R color means it is the color that has been lightened to create the desired shade.


Jon Renau wigs come in a wide range of lengths and styles ranging from chic and short to long and luxurious. With heat-friendly synthetic and Remy human hair options that are ideal for anyone who loves changing their look, or for those who are new to the market who are looking for a quick hairstyle solution.

Jon Renau offers an expansive collection of wig colors that will assist you in finding your perfect match. Each shade is identified by an alphabetic code to aid in identification; these are available in a variety of industry-specific numeral Color Levels (Black through Brunette, Blonde Red Grey Platinum) and Blended/Tipped Fashion Syrup and exclusive Color Collections.

For instance, FS colours contain highlights that blend seamlessly into their base hue while RN shades do not contain any dyes at all, creating vivid hues that don't require bleach and warmer tones without bleaching and leaving hair healthy and ready for custom highlights and colors (if you want). They can safely be lifted and put in by different hair experts on one or two levels. Additionally, they're ideal for making natural-looking root touch ups.


Jon Renau is one of the most renowned producers in the market with a wide range of lengths. From long locks to luxurious long lengths to shorter pixie cuts, chin-length bob styles, we have something to suit everyone in our collection of top quality Remy human hair, synthetic and other alternatives along with smartLace front cap options.

What style you're looking for whether it's a glamorously refined, layered bob such as The Haute Wig to tightly curled shag - short length wigs offer women looking to elevate your style and appearance up to the next heights. Our stunning styles such as January Wig include wavy layers to give movement, while SmartLace front styling can be used to create up to 350 degrees of heat styling!

If you need help choosing the appropriate length and style of your wig Our experienced stylists will be happy to assist you! From the selection of colors and sizing advice as well as taking measurements for you at our huge color catalog. To measure head circumference accurately we suggest using an adjustable tape measure starting from the neck nape, up to the ear and back which will give us a precise measurement to help us locate the wig that is suitable for your needs.


Jon Renau wigs offer women who want to switch up their look or cover up hair loss an excellent solution. Their top-quality synthetic and human hair wigs are available in a variety of lengths and styles. popular models such as Julianne are long synthetic lace front mono part wigs. Miranda provides middle length human hair remy; and Angelique offers a short synthetic traditional caps.

The company offers an expansive range of colors, ranging that ranges from natural blonde shades to brunettes and reds, and even rooted shades to add depth and character to your look.

Most of their wigs have SmartLace or monofilament caps that offer maximum comfort and a natural appearance which allows hairstyles that are not visible to the face, or even straightened to give a customized look. With hand-tied monofilaments allowing any direction of parted hair, as well as the heat-resistant synthetic Rachel hair wigs that can be straightened, curled or crimped to meet individual tastes Their technology gives you unbeatable customization to style hair away from the facial features.