consuela notebook covers

Infuse some color into your stationary collection with these vibrant consuela notebook covers! Reusable covers feature a composition notebook inside, perfect for students, journaling notes for work, and much more! Sized at 7 1/2x10 1/2, and manufactured in USA in the USA. Paisley Grace Boutique is proud to be an approved retailer of Consuela products!

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Are we strolling on the beach or gazing upon an elegant pebble garden, marveling at these tiny marvels of nature or looking at their beautiful gardens? No matter which medium we choose to view their beauty, the nature wonders are works of art and evidence of geological history. From white quartz that is milky to black, opaque basalt and speckled granites, to rust-colored jaspers - each stone is a unique record about the geological process - its mineral content revealing which rock it is from while its form and color provide clues about the date and conditions it formed.

Pebbles form when existing rocks naturally degrade to surface of the Earth and then fall to Earth's surface, eventually coming to rest on the surface. Pebbles are typically composed of fragments made of metamorphic, igneous, or sedimentary rock that have been damaged through exposure to atmospheric and water as well as glaciers; as the process is complete, they are smaller than granules (2 to 4 millimeter diameter) but more substantial than cobbles (6-to 64-millimeter diameter).

Pebble shapes and sizes differ significantly based on the geological conditions and the rock formation process but they can be found all over the globe. They are typically associated with sandy beaches and river bed. Pebbles play an integral part in preventing coastal erosion and creating habitats for animals and plants alike.

When you collect pebbles, make sure to carry an extra bag, pencil or pen, paper and notepad for recording each specimen and also handheld lenses, and perhaps hammers/chisels (for the most advanced collection enthusiasts only). Before you embark on your adventure be sure to check the local laws for the legality of collecting pebbles from beaches.

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Create a memorable day with this colorful notebook cover with a distinctive leather logo patch and reinforced stitching - it measures 7 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches and comes with a notepad!

Felt is a sustainable fabric made from mating the fibers, forming compacts and pressing them together into fabric strands; which makes it the perfect partner for cozy cafe journaling sessions. In contrast to plastic covers gives a flexible and thick surface to write on while shielding pages from scratches and smudges.

Start by tearing away the paper covering where an elastic band will pass across the cover's back (top left image). Next, find both holes on both the front and back covers of your notebook cover. Cut two small cuts in each one to accommodate bands. Then, thread it into each cut hole prior to glueing in the cover. When you are done, cut any loose threads to give it a good look. Now your new Consuela Notebook Cover is ready to go - elegant and practical, making it an ideal companion for any journey.


The embossed clay snake print notebook covers make the perfect final addition to your stationary collection! Combine them with a calendar or a composition notebook and start journaling! Available in all of Consuela Cloth's iconic prints, these reusable covers are suitable for a Composition notebook or drawing notepad. Great to give as gifts to the stationary enthusiasts in your life! Measuring 7 3/4" width by 10 1/2" Each cover is made by hand in the USA


Cloth covers add a stunning pop of hue to any stationary collection. They also can be a lovely present for journalists or note-taking enthusiasts. Notebook covers that can be reused with reinforced stitching and the distinctive leather logo patch make it an excellent way to get writing right away! The covers of the mandy cloth have an eye-catching blue sky pattern that will bring happiness to every day. These notebooks will turn your everyday life into something exceptional! 7 1/2" x 10 1/2" covers come with a notepad and are machine washable! They are made in the United States.

Colors and patterns may differ.