Protecting your business AND your financial transactions under Covid-19

Any business with an online presence simply can’t afford security issues with customer data or transactions. The answer is PCI Compliance – the only way to mitigate security breaches and prevent breaches from malicious individuals. 

With COVID-19, business owners are focused on crisis management and on maintaining business continuity. More and more business is moving online, so there’s increased demand for PCI Compliance to provide protection and security for customers and merchants. Merchants who store authentication data or credit card data are obligated to protect themselves and their customers through PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). They must ensure secure credit card payments and the protection of personal and private data.

There isn’t a business, employee, or customer unaffected by COVID-19. With current “stay home” safeguards, online activities have grown exponentially – from orders to purchases, to deliveries. All the while, companies must accommodate customer needs, while maintaining productivity.   For a company without an IT professional on hand, PCI Compliance can be a challenge. Without a doubt, a do-it-yourself solution is ill-advised. Doing it right means outsourcing implementation to a reliable provider with the technology, the proven expertise, and the experience to match.

During this intense period of business crisis management, companies have a single priority in mind: business continuity. For those offering online payment options, Vivant provides a COVID-19 toolbox that incorporates PCI DSS compliance.   Business owners must be prepared to meet the reality of COVID-19, along with the forecasted crisis to arrive. With Vivant’s COVID-19 toolbox, business owners capitalize on leading-edge proprietary technology that’s PCI DSS compliant.

As more and more businesses engage in online commerce, it’s vital to move to cloud technology to satisfy customers and grow business. Vivant has opened up a whole new world of technology to manage customer data; maintain e-commerce compliance, and avert potential security risks.   

SmartCONNECT™ guarantees 100% Internet connectivity 

Vivant SmartCONNECT™ ensures 100% Internet uptime. It’s a technology that provides business owners with guaranteed Internet connectivity, regardless of an impending interruption.   SmartCONNECT™ is proactive and works “behind the scenes” to monitor your primary Internet connection. Any interruption activates a switchover to a secondary secure connection.   

SmartVOICE™ is a scalable, feature-rich VoIP platform

Vivant SmartVOICE™ is an advanced cloud-based VoIP system with countless customizable features – from custom ring groups to auto attendant, to unlimited mailboxes, and more.   SmartVOICE™ provides a high standard of customer communication while accommodating all of your telephony needs. The system enhances efficiency and keeps overhead costs down.   

SmartPROTECT™ creates a secure, reliable network

Vivant SmartPROTECT™ reduces the risk of a data breach and unauthorized access. Online credit card transactions are protected and cardholders’ data is safe. If you’re engaged in any online commerce, it’s your responsibility to provide safeguards, and SmartPROTECT™ makes it easy.   Businesses without PCI DSS are exposed to expensive fines and legal fees, not to mention the extraordinary damage to cardholder data. Prevention is the key and SmartPROTECT™ ensures a secure network that safeguards business interests, customer privacy, and brand integrity.