Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are an elegant and easy way to add some Boho-inspired style and Native American flare to any ensemble. Simple and easy to make, feather earrings pair well with any outfit and can even be worn several times!

To make earrings with feathers, start by cutting two wire pieces that are a bit larger than the length you want and then using circular nosepliers for bending each into an earring loop.

They are easy to make

Feather earrings are easy to create and can be an elegant accent to any outfit. From boho chic to granola chic and country styles - feather earrings will surely turn heads at your next event! To start making feather earrings to your liking, gather all necessary materials:

Plastic Earrings

Plastic was a cost-effective way for Hollywood stars to get elegant style in a time of economic crisis, which is why people were searching for inexpensive materials that would make them look stylish and classy without spending a lot. Plastic is a fantastic material because it came in a variety of designs and colors that can easily be molded into unique designs for earrings.

For making simple feather earrings, two pairs of pliers are required. One pair should include a plier with a small-nose, and the second should act as a second hand. For the first pair place your headpin around 1 inch higher than the top of the crimp bead and then use your fingers to bend the straight end so it sits flat against feathers.

Once your feathers have been put together in a neat stack then gently close and open the loop at high point of the headpin with tiny pliers, before slipping earrings onto the top and admiring your work!

They are adaptable

Feather earrings are the perfect accessory for women who want stylish and striking jewellery. Feather earrings are a quick spark of class to any outfit and bring something special to any occasion. Light weight, they pair perfectly with a variety of colours; whether you're looking for earthy boho stylish, country, granola or something in between these feather earrings will help that you are noticed.

Feathers have always had a great significance across cultures. As an example, Native American tribes believe that eagle feathers represent confidence, wisdom and strength while they're seen as gifts from god and as a symbol of protection - all making them perfect choices for jewellery designs made with silver.

The 1930s were a time when women were looking forward to becoming ultrafeminine glamour queens. Pearls and matching jewelry sets became particularly fashionable in this period. However, due to the financial hardships during the and the onset of war, many turned to plastic as a cheaper material for jewellery making and gave rise to gorgeous gem-like replicas that were less costly than precious metals.

The 90s were an era that was characterized by fashion inspired by music, and striking gold earrings became a common style that could frequently be seen in hip-hop music videos as well as other media formats.

They are not expensive

Feather earrings are a cost-effective and fashionable option to add some personality and color to your look, providing the look with a pop rock edge. Available in various styles and colors to suit your personal style and budget, feather earrings are an easy statement about who you are, while keeping the cost at the minimum! Try on different pairs every time!

Feathers have a deep symbolic significance across many different cultures. Feathers are a symbol of optimism, freedom and protection When they are found on the ground, feathers can often be seen as a symbol of loved people who have passed away which is why feather jewelry is very popular with Native American tribes; our exquisite silver feather earrings come directly from award-winning artists in Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and Santo Domingo tribes of Arizona and New Mexico.

The fashion industry in the 1990s was influenced by music videos, leading to the explosion of flamboyant jewelry pieces such as large gold hoops. They first appeared in hip-hop videos and quickly spreading throughout the nation, these earrings became easily wearable and affordable enough for any occasion or outfit! For something more feminine and elegant try pearl earrings that can be purchased at the big department shops!

They are comfortable

Feather earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal to add a touch of bohemian style to any outfit or to make the perfect gift to someone who loves wildlife and nature. You can pair these stunning feather earrings with a variety of outfits or pair it up with a different jewelry piece like rings.

In the 90s, jewelry styles adopted an unquestionably rebellious look. It was characterized by a strong need to be noticed, jewelry styles like hoop earrings and statement pieces enjoyed the resurgence of these styles during this time. They were also popular when featured in music videos since numerous styles were influenced by pop or punk rock music styles. Additionally, women started wearing clip-on earring to protect their ears.

Feathers carry great symbolic value across different cultures. They are often regarded as symbolic of freedom, hope and protection, some even believe finding a feather floating overhead as the remembrance of loved ones who have passed on.

Our exquisite collection of silver feather earrings originates from award-winning artists of the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, and Santo Domingo tribes in Arizona and New Mexico. Each pair includes stunning genuine gemstones that are perfect for your individual style. Choose from a variety of sizes until you find one perfect pair for yourself!