Follea Wigs and Topettes

Follea Wigs as well as Topettes are designed to replace lost hair due to chemotherapy, alopecia, or natural aging. Hair made from high-quality human hair, they can be washed and styled exactly like real hair for effortless styling and care.

Hand-tied wigs offer the most realistic appearance with a lace front that extends from temple to temple and the softly woven lace which is tightly attached to the cap with exposed knots that are bleached to give a more realistic scalp appearance.

STYLE 6/11

Follea Wigs are 100% hand-tied human hair wigs designed with an incredible unnoticeable lace front. They are light, breathable, comfortable, breathable and boast the most luxurious hair texture in wigs. They give them a a realistic appearance that moves like real head of hair while being easy to wash and style. Follea comes in various lengths and colors. The most well-known is Style comprised from European hair which feels incredible and natural on the skin.

Mirna has been using social media platforms to share her experiences with wigs and provide encouragement and motivation to others who are experiencing trichotillomania or chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Her goal is to encourage other women to embrace and accept the experience of wearing wigs in order that they can choose one that is suitable to their needs, and to be able to accept their loss without fear of shame or stigma. Mirna suggests Gripper along with Chic as ideal options which look fantastic worn up, down or braided. Both styles feature open caps designed to be worn all day long. Chic features a longer lace front stretching from temple to ear for a natural, stunning hairline.


Chic is the perfect for wigs that create a smooth seamless, smooth hairline for your client. Hand-crafted from light fabric which feels comfortable on your scalp and can last through many washes. Chic is able to be worn up, down, braided or in half-do without attracting attention from others.

Hand-tied wigs have a soft mesh base and each hair is individually tied on. Since these delicate wigs require additional care when worn and should be avoided by avoiding hot sources of heat as well as excessive shampoos or conditioners and placing them in a cool place when stored, extra care must be taken.

Welded lace is used in these units. It is an extremely strong and flexible kind of fabric that permits your clients to part their hair where they choose without fear of tangling. In addition, this type of lace has been proven to be less likely to produce knots over other varieties.

Follea caps with permatease at their top area are not monofilament-style tops or partings and therefore will have permatease on the crown to create a natural appearance. The permatease allows hair to shift slightly when worn and creates small spikey effects in the crown region.


Gripper Lite gives life back to your style with natural movements that look like real hair. Its lightweight cap provides the comfort and security you need in casual wear, without tape allowing your scalp to breathe easily.

The Gripper Lite Collection boasts a medical-grade silicone perimeter that securely and comfortably secures the fit, with softly woven, hand-tied hairline, and natural skin top to give it a stylish finish.

Follea offers high-quality wigs and topette options that are designed to boost confidence after losing hair or seeing it thin making you feel like yourself. Set up a complimentary appointment with one of our expert consultants to help us discover the perfect solution for you.

Follea wigs that do not feature monofilament top or parting are more likely to display permatease - several short spikes scattered throughout the top portion as part of the manufacturing process. Our experts can offer further advice in this area.


Innovative non-slip wig that is ideal for women and children who have little or no hair. Held securely in place with medical grade silicone edges and additional silicone grip from occipital to nape for a secure fit.

Chic is hand-tied using European processed hair, which leaves the cuticle in place for maximum high-end human hair lace front wearability. It comes with the natural top of our skin, an extended front lace, hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone that provides an unparalleled fit.

As soon as your Follea wig is delivered it could be exhilarating and somewhat frightening to put it on and figuring out its distinctive features better. One thing that can surprise people initially is the way the ear tabs are positioned differently from other caps.

These ear-bands of Gripper Lite and Actif wigs are designed to sit higher than on Style, Chic and Grandeur (and many other branded) models in order to keep them in place, and to prevent pulling & tugging from creating stress and tension which could cause long-term damage to the wigs. If this is repeated, it could cause more stress and tension resulting in long term wear and tear on these kinds of wigs.


Grandeur stands as Follea's most luxurious wig, hand-crafted using their "private reserve" high-end European hair. An exquisite piece of hair, Grandeur is a symbol of class and sophistication.

Follea's Style made of 100% European hair, which provides comfort and the security of an ultralight fit with their trademark return hair technique. Available in a variety of lengths and shades.

Monofilament wigs have a fine, mesh blend base with tiny holes that is gentle for scalps that are sensitive. Each individual hair on a monofilament wig is hand-tied onto the base of the wig to create an appearance of your own hair follicles, and give a natural look and feel.

Hair loss is a problem that affects more than 30 million women each year in America, and many are searching for natural ways to increase volume without revealing gaps in their locks. Follea top pieces and wigs offer stunning, natural-looking solutions; come visit HRI in Minneapolis to schedule a personal Follea consultation to find the best option for you.