Consuela Notebook Covers

Explore the world with a wanderlust pen and your own artistic flair by using consuela notebook covers from D&D Collectibles. Not just writing tools These attractive accessories can be used as creative aids on your creative journey!

Color your stationery collection with this Mandy cloth cover notebook! It features an embossed leather message that reads "Make today Ridiculously Awesome" It also has reinforced stitching and is perfect for everyday use.

The Snake Print is embossed in clay

Add some color and pattern to your workspace with Our Clay embossed snake print notebook cover, featuring double stitched construction for shape retention. Each cover comes complete with our Composition notebooks, so you can begin writing right away. Finished off using natural leather Aspinal logo patch on the front, and signature brass hardware - these covers make an instant striking style at any location!

Shipping Information: For the U.K. and Ireland, orders made before 1.30 pm will be delivered the next working day; Europe orders should arrive 4 - 5 days later. Other countries will take between 6 and 10 working days to deliver the item.

Mandy Cloth Cover Notebook

The Mandy Cloth Cover adds an attractive feature to your journaling experience. Available in either green or blue, with a mandala pattern on canvas fabric that makes handling it comfortable the cover creates an elegant statement! Cloth book covers are ideal for protecting book boards from damage and provide the perfect surface to print designs or title information. Cloth offers tactile experience and is more cost effective than leather covers; however they will wear and tear with time. Each notebook cover comes equipped with a Composition Notebook for instant journaling. Made from the animal's fur and wool, felt covers offer a cozy cafe journaling experience while being eco-friendly - offering the softness you need while sipping coffee while writing.

Grasshopper embossed Cloth Cover Notebook

This notebook cover transforms the pocket notebook into a useful organization system with useful features such as a plastic sleeves for loose cards and papers, an elastic loop to keep a pen in place, as well as metal notebook clips on both the inside cover and back to ensure secure closure.

Grasshopper is a small, but dedicated company that creates excellent products with love and attention to detail. Their designs are well thought-out and user-friendly. their selection of accessories includes free shipping on every order and this notebook cover comes equipped with its own composition notebook that is easily replaceable when it wears out!

Metal notebook clips have more durability than elastic cords which extend over time, and it is flat when used to write. It comes equipped with a lined A5 notebook that is good however it may not offer optimal conditions for fountain pen owners; it can be used with Hobonichi Techo Cousin, Seven Seas Writer and Taroko Design Enigma refills as and possibly other A5 notebooks that are available.

The one drawback is that the cover adds some bulk, so when closed, it might not be flat. Over time though, leather will stretch out and this will no longer be a problem.

Floral Embossed Cloth Cover Notebook

The embossing process is an extremely decorative technique that can create a breathtaking visual impact. While the process requires expertise and skill to be successful embossed covers add elegance to any book's cover - from intricate designs to striking typography embossing adds depth and dimension that's both elegant and captivating.

Collectors often admire embossed covers due to their aesthetics and historical value. The embossed covers typically depict historic periods' styles and trends as well as giving insight into the cultural legacy from a particular period, while simultaneously creating a sense of nostalgia among readers that allows them to feel more connected to the story told in the book.

The charming floral cover will add some design flair and stimulate imagination in others! With vibrant fabrics and intricate patterns this gorgeous accessory will lighten your day while encouraging creativity!

Cut an A+8" B+1" strip of material to make the cover's exterior, as well as an A+6" by B+ 1 piece of fusible medium-weight, non-woven interfacing and iron it onto its wrong side, stitching around the edges using the length of a 1/4 inch. Make sure to press each handle strip so it's in line with the fold at the center before marking its position using pins. Sew each end of handles on inside of cover ensuring that you do not stitch through pockets, using zigzag stitching to prevent raveling.