Bohemian Bedding

Bring a bohemian vibe to your bedroom by choosing duvet covers that have fringe or tassels. There is an assortment of colors and sizes available, making sure you find the right one for your needs.

Patterns are essential elements of boho chic fashion. Discover celestial constellation designs as well as hand-drawn goddess designs, global geometric and Aztec patterns that are part of this fashion.

Indian-Inspired Patterns

Bohemian bedding brings together an eclectic mix of designs, textures, and colors to create a unique style that inspires wanderlust, while exuding the feeling of a relaxed atmosphere. Although arranging such a varied space may be challenging initially but there are many ways you can employ to get it working for you and create this look in your bedroom.

Starting your transformation into a bohemian bedroom will require a striking duvet cover. A striking pattern, such as intricate floral or paisley designs is a must in bohemian rooms. Choose something more luxurious rather than the standard jumbo radial medallions like our Versailles duvet cover that pays homage to an extravagant and chic residence such as Versailles or, alternatively, go with our Celestial Emrace that features an indigo night sky complete with suns and moons!

Combine an eye-catching duvet cover with matching sheets. While some people might be wary from mixing prints, boho style encourages experimentation by pairing bright prints such as Orange Blossom with solid bedsheets with similar colors which coordinate well together with the bedding cover.

To create an inviting boho space, you should use raw and natural materials. Natural fibers such as sisal and rattan are both the most popular options when decorating with this type of style, as is raw wood and unfinished wooden touches. Macrame wall decor, woven wall decor, hangers for plants and woven area rugs all provide a natural look such as this bohemian-inspired living space designed by Wilson Aesthetics. Plants are another important factor in creating this bohemian ambience; use different sized plants around the living area in decorative pots so as to create a natural feel; check out Wilson Aesthetics's bohemian-inspired living room designed by Wilson Aesthetics!

Fringe and Tassels

Decorating in the boho style provides a variety of creative ways to add an eclectic accent. A popular method is adding fringe or tassels to bedding, be it the covers for your duvet or pillows and bringing an air of wanderlust into any space they decorate.

Create a boho chic look in your bedroom using a white duvet cover that has fringe or tassels on its edges for an instant bohemian look. Pick from a variety of colors to find your ideal shade, and various patterns can give you a more boho-inspired look.

For instance, floral or geometric patterns can bring a sense of softness or majesty respectively to your bed's design. The other popular patterns are mandalas as well as paisleys and other patchwork designs. If you are decorating for kids, you can even consider brightly-colored patterns on their duvet cover to add fun and playful elements into their room!

If you're looking to add a little flair and individuality to your bedding set, adding some pom pom trim can instantly give it more character and soften up the pillows shams - adding some boho charm and keeping them comfortable! Pom pom trim is able to be found in many craft shops, making this upgrade easy.

Comforter Sets

Boho-inspired comforter sets can instantly transform your bedroom. Look for duvet covers crafted using natural fabrics such as linen or cotton to help create a laid-back, casual atmosphere in the room. Earthy neutral linens like the Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover by Parachute Home featuring one subtly striped side and another featuring chic tassel trim are an excellent choice while organic textures like the rough finish on headboards made of rattan and wood grain that is lacquered white nightstands ground the room while contrasting with more vibrant hues within your bedroom decor - giving a new dimension to make your bedroom feel more grounded!

Brooklinen provides this chic cotton-linen duvet as part of their Printed Reversible All Season Comforter and Sham Set as an easy solution for Boho bedding that is a blend of design, comfort, and affordability. With a large floral print with neutral tones that are easy to coordinate and the pillow sham, which is a perfect match for a complete bedding set.

If you're looking for softer designs, opt for light-colored twin comforter sets such as macy's Bali Batik Comforter Set in soft cotton that has a light stippled design - ideal to pair with any style. For a boho-inspired look, put this set together with an oversized throw blanket that has bold patterns for a bohemian-chic aesthetic.


Incorporate themes from the world into your living space by reversing this quilt set that features designs that have a global influence, like delicate damask designs and breezy medallions in rusty orange, ivory and blue hues and creating a boho-inspired look that is perfect suitable for boho bedding! Plus, its polyester construction ensures it is both hypoallergenic and easy to care for so that skin stays feeling at ease and soft throughout the year.

This lovely quilt set, with its lively pattern of llamas and flowers adds a cheery flair for any room. Constructed of cotton thread count of 320, the set is comprised of two pillows and one quilt. pillows shams (one being twin-sized). Additionally, for the ultimate relaxation, this set includes polyfill filling!

Bring a modern, bohemian look to your bedroom by adding this 3-piece quilt set that includes a bedspread and two pillow shams, which reverse to allow for easy ironing and washing. Its floral motif on one side is complemented by the subtle stripes on the reverse, creating an inviting aesthetic.

The cotton coverlet set gives an eclectic look to any decor style. The quilt is decorated with vintage-inspired floral designs, framed by intricate borders, as well as shams with envelope openings that have cloth ties for a secure pillow position. Reversible, the set has antimicrobial treatments which reduce bacteria-related odors.