Raquel Welch Wigs

Find beauty, elegance and style embodied in Raquel Welch Wigs collection. Offering multiple styles and length options to create the right look.

Wigs were more than costumes for Welch They represented an unbridled female power and enabled her to effortlessly transition into a variety of roles effortlessly.

Human Hair

Hair of the human kind raquel welch wigs offer the ideal solution to add elegance and sophistication to any look. Crafted with premium materials for optimal durability and a natural-looking look, these wigs come in various styles that fit any style and a few even come with monofilament caps and lace fronts that mimic natural hairlines and scalps to seamlessly blend to any hairstyle.

Raquel Human hair Welch wigs come in various lengths and weights for effortless wearing and styling flexibility. Easy heat styling options let you create any style you want and stylish salon-inspired styles provide flattering looks while remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear everyday. These gorgeous pieces stand out without taking up too much room on your head!

Provocateur made by Raquel Welch is a luxurious and versatile human hairwigs, offering both fashion and flexibility. With its lace front and monofilament part layout, Provocateur provides flexibility in the way of parting with heat-friendly curling irons and straighteners can be utilized to style this versatile piece! For a higher level of quality and design, consider their Black Label collection of 100 100% Remy human hair wigs designed by Raquel Welch that provide maximum quality, design and ease of use.


If you're looking for low-maintenance synthetic wigs are a great option. If taken care of properly synthetic wigs usually last up to 4-6 months before they require replacement or alteration. Styling with brushes or combs regularly allows for easy styling, and washing your hair with shampoos that are synthetic-friendly and conditioners is also easy.

Kanekalon fiber wigs we offer use an advanced polymer technology developed to replicate the look and feel of real hair. Some synthetic wigs from our selection are heat-friendly, so they can be styled with heated styling tools to style.

Synthetic wigs tend to be more affordable than their human hair counterparts and come in more color options, making them an excellent option for women who don't need to style their hair frequently or lack the time to do so.

Raquel The Welch wigs made of synthetic hair come in all styles that range from short to long pixie cuts like Winner. Great for everyday wearing, this lightweight but flexible wig that is ready-to-wear gives you maximum comfort with an easy shake or quick brush! If you're wearing Raquel Welch wigs in the mix of your everyday attire, there is sure to be no excuses!


Monofilament construction of wigs provides the most natural look. Individual hairs are sewn onto sheer mesh, allowing the scalp of the wearer to shine through. This method of construction is a favorite among those seeking an easy, natural-looking option; additionally it may be perfect for cancer patients who have sudden hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments.

Raquel Welch Couture Collection features an amazing collection of human hair wigs made using monofilament material. They can be styled using heat styling tools like curling wands or flat irons to create a variety of looks. Whether you are looking for feathered bangs, or soft waves, Raquel Welch wigs provide exactly what you require for the style you desire.

Monofilament wigs weigh less weight than their counterparts as they have less cap and hair materials which makes them an excellent alternative for those looking for an effortlessly lightweight experience. Furthermore, monofilament wigs may be ideal for women sensitive to heavy wigs; their breathable cap material helps keep cool during high temperatures.

Lace Front

The lace front wigs are made of sheer material that creates the appearance of natural hair growth along the front hairline giving the appearance of fullness for people suffering from thinning, loss, or regrowth due to chemotherapy or medical treatments. Many of our ready-to-wear front lace wigs are cut with hairs already inserted into them so you can easily tie them up and enjoy your new look!

Raquel Welch Collection provides an array of stunning styles that feature fronts made of lace that are perfect to fit the modern woman. From red carpet-inspired looks to everyday casuals, these lightweight and comfortable hairstyles need little maintenance for easy wear all day long! Spare yourself energy and time for enjoyable activities such as brunch!

The lace fronts we offer are made from high-grade synthetic hair that's extremely resistant to heat and comfortable to the touch, ideal for everyday wear. To ensure optimal results from our wigs, we recommend advisable to apply some nourishment cream directly on the scalp prior to donning hair - this will ensure that it remains vibrantly healthy, while also providing an additional boost to your energy levels! Additionally, always perform the test of your skin prior to applying any adhesives or glues - this way, you will know if there are any allergies or sensitive areas which are best avoided prior to making purchases or using adhesives/glues on yourself!