to the oppressor sam l. susser of susser petroleum

While your father sent you to Harvard University, where the presidents of countries send their children and grandchildren, and also just like the dictators of many countries send their children to Oxford, England, to learn how best to oppress the poor, my father was preparing me to stand up against you.

The Oppressor

Muhammad Amin II did not want me to be under the "1 cent rule" of John Cook of PWI Wholesale. Your oppression is somewhat similar to Cook's, but the community was getting updated stations and paying 3 cents. If anybody wanted 1949-type locations, they would have to deal with Cook's oppression.

Just like Cook had territory managers who behaved like congressmen and senators as I call them, you also had these "territory managers" who were a waste of payroll for fuel supplier companies. Each territory manager made a $40,000-$50,000 salary and treated us immigrants like America treats the diplomats from the developing countries as if they own them.

At Citgo 2000, one of Susser Petroleum location this where I got my interim to become PHD in street business, if the oppressor Susser Holdings had not controlled the fuel supply, then I, Shah Abu Amin III, would have had the location pump a volume of 500,000 gallons per month. Actually, once I did make it to 400,000 gallons of gas and diesel at the Citgo 2000 located at Highway 59, Humble, Texas 77396. It was at a very young age that I had done that for Muhammad Amin II to prove to him I am special, I am gifted and I want to be the next Sammy L. Susser in my family.

I knew at the age of 18 that my friend Sammy L. Susser was going to take his Susser Holdings public. I even bought 10,000 shares to support my then Sam L Susser, exactly what I predicted Susser Holdings Public in the year 2006-2007.

Susser had legally grown Susser Petroleum into a $6.7 Billion enterprise by robbing poor immigrants, and human rights were violated. Store dealers were treated worse than the black African community and did not have any rights. While my people suffered, Sam ate well which made him the greatest oppressor in this world.

The Lawsuit

In 2009, I commenced legal action against Susser Petroleum in 2009 for breach of contract. Susser Petroleum breached their agreement with at Moody’s Travel Plaza in LA Porte, Texas, which was to supply our family owned Truckstop with unbranded fuel. Instead they delivered branded and more expensive fuel to my truck stop without my consent and against the agreed upon terms. By supplying me with expensive fuel, Susser Petroleum would make 1% more on the net value of the invoice. In other words, the company would have been able to make up to 5 cents per gallon more than they would on the unbranded fuel they were supposed to supply, this is how Sam L Susser became billionaire to rob immigrants.

The Betrayal

All my efforts at legal remuneration came to a halt, however, when I was betrayed by my cousin Mahmood Akhtar. He took 100% of settlement money because the entire lawsuit was under his name as plaintiff. He betrayed me and took the money that was rightfully mine because he knew I could not come back to Houston. Instead, I was forced to go back to Canada, where I was a legal citizen, because my legal status in the USA was no longer valid.

This was the year I lost everything and became a nobody, but the world has not seen the rise of Shah Abu Amin III. Susser Petroleum never got my release. So now I am free to write whatever I want against greatest oppressor in this world, Sam L Susser, I want the public to know that he is a horrible person, a racist, and for all intents and purposes a slave driver. He mistreats, misleads, and robs immigrants who are not aware of how billionaires do business in the United States. raising awareness to immigrants and the public from these incompetent lawyers who exploit and traumatized immigrant families for their own financial gain. Canada immigration lawyer Michael H. Niren and his law firm Visaplace LLC is one of them who take advantage of people and play on their feelings.visaplace