Three Reasons Why You Should Try Playing League of Legends

Every gamer was once in that situation. The game you used to play up until now became boring, or you just simply finished every single achievement and found every last collectible? Then a question arises, what next? It's sometimes hard to get yourself to choose a game to play, especially because you don't know for sure if you are going to like it at all in the first place. If you take a look at any list of popular games, League of Legends is among the very best ones there, why would you choose League though?

1# It's Free.

While buying games, it's difficult to tell just from the trailer and reviews if you are gonna enjoy it. Spending money on something you will use once and leave is not a good idea when it comes to anything. That is why it's worth trying League of Legends. Sure, it does have in-game purchases but it's completely optional and the change is only cosmetical, you have the same chance of winning your match with or without a fancy skin. You can freely download the game, and if you don't like it all you have to do is uninstall, with no sort of monetary investment whatsoever.

2# You can play with your friends.

The greatest trait of online games is that you can use them to spend time with your friends or family without having to be in the same room. Working together as a team can strengthen your bonds, it is also tons of fun to smash your enemies together and carry games, if you decide to play Ranked Flex you can easily play premade with up to 4 other players, you can make it even more competitive and form an entire team for Clash and participate in tournaments!

3# You can meet new people.

League of Legends can be a great way to socialize with others, or even meet people who would eventually become your friends or even loved ones. There are many stories about couples who found each other while playing video games, and online friends are so common nowadays that pretty much no one considers it weird

Not sure yet? Of course aside from playing the game yourself another great way of checking is to watch gameplay videos or streams. It can be quite a  good idea to watch professionals play the ranked matches, which are a lot different than the usual bot games at the start of your journey.


Not sure yet? A great idea when trying out games is to skip all the pointless tutorials and bot games, everyone wants to rather see the actual game and play PVP. A good idea is to buy a smurf account, where you can technically play bot games too and test new champions or simply learn the game, but not only have you more currency to buy the champions you want, but you can go and play PVP, or even ranked matches if you wish to as soon as you feel like you are ready and get the fast level 30 league of legends can't offer to beginner players. You can never have that sort of freedom when you create a brand new account with a low level and no champions / Blue Essence. The game always feels better when you can play whatever you choose without any limitations.