The importance of it all goes through the same pattern

But if you're thinking that you changed the aion classic kinah name, but it didn't work (you didn't mention what you were renaming, maybe wrong files? ) There could be an issue with the file, which I'm not aware about. It worked for me.

I play in the Netherlands and have around 100 ping with exitlag. It's pretty playable and I feel like I'm competing. But unless you are planning to be playing for more than 12 hours every day then you shouldn't worry about that because you're not competing with top1 percentages anyways, if that's indeed the scenario.

It also was a wonderful opportunity to engage with the community. 105k AION which was put into the prize pool was financed through the Treasury. The community voted to donate 25% of the prize pool to SavageMine's family along with 20k AION to assist the family during this time of need.

You might call me a Snowflake or whatever but the open world multiplayer pvp frustrates me much more than it did when I played 10 years ago. I suspect it's because, since then, I've played many competitive esports where the level of play and pure skill determine which players win. Whereas, I used to simply say, well just take a lick and get over it. Additionally, I would like to be clear that I'm a fan of aion and I also loved higher-level pvp such as in Tiamaranta’s eye or organized PVP like coliseum. Everyone's alike and the game is more competitive.

The importance of it all goes through the same pattern in pvp. Equipment Class Skill and getting killed for the hundredth or more times with a sin/ranger at 20% HP farming mobs is increasingly frustrating. It's hard to believe that anyone would be satisfied with taking out people who are weak, unadvantaged and insufficiently equipped. While I realize the need to take that risk in a PVPVE area there is a sense that many individuals don't appreciate real competition.

There have been instances that I've met people who were just talking to me when we were just trying to cultivate. A purple was flying past me, and there was nothing to be gained by him trying my death. However, for each of those instances, there's ten other situations where I'm killed or ganked in 1v3 by the twink of a slash, or by someone who is that is more than 10 levels above me for no reason. It's evident that twinks are designed to intimidate people whom they know will beat them easily. This is because the euro aion classic buy kinah majority of people remain level, and the only people who can do it are the whales and no-lifers. However, this is how aion has always looked back.