Re-equipment of containers in St. Petersburg

Security pot

The container for security staff can become a comfortable place, offer defense against the vagaries of your conditions, and is also suited to relaxation and consuming. Simple to supply with video clip surveillance equipment. Moreover, the security container may be partly converted into a checkpoint.

Benefits of a security pot

Flexibility. If needed, easily moves on the car platform.

Cozy circumstances. The insulated box having a heater can be utilized all year long.

Sturdiness. Stainlesss steel framework with anti-rust layer.

Proportions. The premises are very sufficient for setting up an area for rest and work of staff members.

Refueling container

A box stuffing station is really a service station that is made to refuel autos with liquefied motor gasoline only. The tanks can be found above soil, the energy dispenser is located in the energy safe-keeping pot.

Container-variety gas stations are mostly employed to offer fuel both in the metropolis and beyond the metropolis. Box-variety gas stations usually are not a money development center, therefore they will not demand design, construction and land job.

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